Kyle Richards Celebrates Daughter’s 6th Grade Graduation With Sweet Family Pics: ‘So Proud’

Kyle Richards and her family 'cried' their 'eyes out' on June 8, when her youngest daughter, Portia, graduated from the sixth grade.

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“Our youngest [Portia Umansky] graduated today,” Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, 51, shared on Instagram on June 8. Alongside a series of sweet family photos, Kyle continued, “Leaving behind the school that my husband also attended when he came from Mexico as a child and 3 of my 4 girls also attended. I have been driving up to that carpool every day for 16 years and now we are leaving.”

“Portia is going to a new school for 7th grade! We are so proud of you Portia!! My whole family cried our eyes out today,” Kyle added about her 12-year-old daughter. “We will miss the love & sense of community we had at [Wise School] and the amazing teachers and faculty. Thank you for helping us educate and raise our children. I’m sad we were not able to hug goodbye today but know you are so appreciated and adored”.

Along with the special announcement, Kyle shared nearly a dozen family photos, some of which show Portia posing with balloons and her graduation cap. A few images also include Kyle’s elder three daughters — Farrah (born 1988), Alexia (born 1996), and Sophia (born 2000) — as well as her husband, Mauricio Umansky, whom she married in 1996. Everyone’s smiling, shedding tears, and showing Portia how much she means to them.