‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Introduces His Secret Daughter Phyllis, 45, To The World — Watch

'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson sits down with his secret daughter named Phyllis, 45, and she reveals on his podcast how she discovered Phil is her dad and how the Robertsons reacted to the bombshell.

Phil Robertson, 74, recently revealed to the world that he has a 45-year-old secret daughter from an affair he had, and Phyllis decided to talk about the journey to finding Phil and his family during the latest edition of the Duck Dynasty star’s Unashamed podcast. Phyllis admitted this quest first started after her son’s fiancee bought him a DNA test. The results he received did not match up to what he and Phyllis had been told about their family.

Eventually, Phyllis did a DNA test and discovered that her brother and sisters were actually her half-siblings. “I wasn’t shocked. I really wasn’t,” Phyllis said. After some investigating on her part, she narrowed it down to Phil.

Phil Robertson Phyllis
Phil Robertson’s secret daughter Phyllis on his ‘Unashamed’ podcast. (Phil Robertson/YouTube)

Phyllis wrote a letter to Phil and mailed him two letters. When those letters went unanswered, Phyllis went to see Phil give a sermon. “I thought how cool is it that for the first time seeing my dad he’s preaching the gospel,” Phyllis explained. “Your message was the core gospel. I mean, to me, I was like, ‘That’s a cool dad.'” She handed Jase a letter at the service to give to Phil. Jase didn’t real the letter, but when he stopped at Duck Commander, he found another similar letter.

Phil’s sons, Jase, 50, and Al, 54, waited about 10 days to tell their father about what they’d read. A paternity test was done, which confirmed that Phyllis is Phil’s secret daughter. “I wanted it to answer some questions, in a way,” Phyllis said about this journey. “It’s like I knew always growing up something was different. I was different. Physically different, some personality differences, just the way I approached life and did things.” Her mother never told her that Phil is her father.

Phyllis came to the Robertson family home to visit. She talked with Phil for 45 minutes just one-on-one. Despite what she’d heard about Phil, she said that she found him to be “very nurturing.” Phil told Phyllis that she was “the best thing that ever came out of my past.” He added: “I’m glad you found me. I’m glad I found you. All I have to say is welcome aboard.”

Phyllis had nothing but amazing things to say about Miss Kay, 72, Phil’s wife of 54 years, and how she’s handled everything.  Miss Kay opened up about staying with Phil during his troubled times and after his affair with Phyllis’ mom. “Everybody I knew and every member of my family and your family, except your mom and dad, said, ‘You’re an idiot to stay with him. You’re gonna be like a welcome mat,” she said. It was her grandmother who advised her to stay with Phil. “She told me to fight for my marriage and that’s what I did,” Miss Kay revealed. Miss Kay gushed that she is “thrilled beyond belief” to have Phyllis in her life now.

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