Gabby Barrett Reveals The ‘Cutest’ Date Night That Cade Foehner Planned For Her In Quarantine

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner have been embracing at-home date nights while quarantined together, and she dished to us about one of the most romantic evenings that he planned.

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Just seven months into their marriage, Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are getting a chance to really get to know each other while quarantined together amidst the coronavirus. “It’s really nice to have down time with him,” Gabby admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, while promoting her upcoming album, GOLDMINE. “It’s funny — we’ve been together for two years, but you can still find out new stuff about each other, even after a while. We’ve just been talking a lot and watching movies together.”

Gabby and Cade met on season 16 of American Idol in 2018 and started dating during filming. Their lives have been super busy since the show ended, though, so quarantine has allowed them to explore new parts of the relationship that they hadn’t before. “We’re actually having dates!” Gabby gushed. “It’s been really nice.” And even while stuck at home, Cade has planned fun date nights for his wife.

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“He’s done stuff that’s really cute,” Gabby revealed. “Our car has a sunroof, so he put the seats down with pillows and blankets and a foam mattress, so we could lay in the back of the car. But because we have a sun roof, we put the phone on the sun roof, so you don’t have to hold the phone, but you can look through [the sunroof]. We played a speaker in the car, so you can watch a movie in the car and look up at the stars and stuff. It was really cute. That was probably the cutest one in quarantine.”

In addition to spending time with each other, Gabby and Cade have also been embracing this time with their family. However, Gabby is admittedly anxious to get back on the road when the time comes. “We’re both itching to get out and do a show,” she said. “When you’ve done that and it’s pretty much all you know as a hobby — for me, it’s been nine years — that’s what I’m itching to get back to. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all this down time — it’s very much needed, because as an artist, your life is constantly moving and it’s hard work an can get tiring, but it’s all worth it. We’re excited to get back on the road again, whenever that will be.”
When the time comes, Gabby will have a lot of new material to share with her fans, too. Her debut album, GOLDMINE, is due out on June 19. The record features 13 songs, 12 of which were co-written by Gabby herself.

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