Justice Carradine Embraces The Beauty Of ‘Actually Getting To Know Myself’ In ‘Limbo’ Video

Against the breathtaking backdrop of his native Utah with no one around, Justice Carradine finds exactly what he's looking for: himself. The singer dishes on the creation of his 'Limbo' video, what's next for 2020, and more.

You don’t need to travel half-way ’round the world to find out who you really are. Sometimes, you just need to head home. Justice Carradine experiences a homecoming, of sorts, by trading in the LA skyline for the salt flats of his home state of Utah in his new video, “Limbo.” The visual is a triumph, in how he was able to create a video that’s as gorgeous as his song is captivating. The track, co-written by Justice an undeniable bop, with invigorative production and refreshingly honest songwriting. “Limbo” continues the momentum of his earlier singles – 2019’s “Dangerous Love” and “Necessary Evil,” released earlier this year.

“I wrote the song in LA and, while I was writing it, I saw the salt flats in my head,” the Salt Lake City native tells HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. Growing up in a household full of music and heritage – he’s Italian on his father’s side, half-Samoan/half-Apache on his mother’s – Justice began playing at a young age. He knew how to play the ukulele, drums, piano, and guitar by the age of five, but it was his mastery of social media that would lead to his big break. As a teen, Justice began posting videos on Vine, before transitioning to YouTube. After sharing bedroom covers of songs by Post Malone, The 1975 and Ed Sheeran, Justice started to writing his own material. His first independent single, “Okay,” arrived in 2018, and after that, he singed to Chosen Music/Atlantic records.

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Justice’s journey is front and center in this new track. “‘Limbo’ is about transitioning from one phase of life to another,” says Justice in a statement about the video. “When I wrote it, I was coming to terms with turning 20. It sounds kind of dumb, but at the time, my identity revolved around who I was as a teenager. Letting go of the way you identified for so long can be scary because it comes with uncertainty and anxiety. This song was my way of dealing with that.”

During an EXCLUSIVE chat with HollywoodLife, Justice talks about possibly filming a non-quarantine version of the video, who’d he’d love to cover this new track, and when we can expect new music from this superstar-in-the-making

HollywoodLife: You shot the video for “Limbo” while in quarantine. It’s a gorgeous piece of art. Was this similar to what you had envisioned when you wrote the song? Would you consider shooting a non-quarantine version?

I’ve thought about it, but I think everything happens for a reason. I wrote the song in LA and, while I was writing it, I saw the salt flats in my head. Skip forward a couple months; we are now in quarantine, and I happen to be home in Utah where the salt flats are, so it kind of worked out perfectly. If I feel called to shoot a non-quarantine version, I might.

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“Limbo” is about the transition from one phase of life to another, and you said it’s inspired by letting go of who you were as a teenager. What would you say has been the best part of entering your twenties?

After letting that go, it’s been amazing to actually get to know myself and just be. I think the best part so far is knowing that there’s still so much more.

Bands are doing bedroom covers to past the time during quarantine (which, you were totally ahead of the curve, doing covers on Vine and YouTube back in 2013.) Who would you love to hear cover “Limbo”?

I think I’d be dope if Clairo covered it or if Still Woozy remixed it bro that’d be fireeeeeeee

At the start of 2020, you said that your plans were “working on putting out a full project this year.” Is that still a go? Or, have you decided that you wanted to get something else done once the year is over?

Definitely still happening. Quarantine has given me so much time to write and record. I have a lot more coming, and I’m excited to share.

“Limbo” is out now.

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