Sarah Michelle Gellar Posts Epic ‘Thirst Trap’ Photo & ‘Buffy’ Fans Are Living For It — See Pic

Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'thirst trap' wasn't a bikini selfie. Instead, it was a picture of Buffy guzzling down her demon roommate's milk.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Sarah Michelle Gellar, 43, takes the meaning of “thirst trap” very literally. For an Instagram post on May 28, the actress threw it back to an iconic scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer — specifically, episode two of Season 4 — in which she guzzled down a carton of milk. With milk dripping down her chin, Sarah had the best caption prepared: “This is what all the cool kids have been posting on Instagram right? #ThirstTrap #tbt.”

One name immediately jumped into Buffy fans’ minds: Kathy. “I just watched that episode a week ago ! Evil Kathy,” one fan commented, referring to Buffy’s college roommate Kathy Newman (who also happened to be a Mok’tagar demon that was 3000 years old). In this particular episode, Buffy recently moved into her dorm at UC Sunnydale and isn’t exactly fond of who she gets paired with. As a clapback to Kathy’s incessant critiques, Buffy starts acting out — hence, the incident with the milk, which actually belongs to Kathy. You can see a screenshot from the episode here, or watch the whole scene go down in the clip below!

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar pokes fun at her famous milk drinking scene on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (@sarahmgellar/Instagram)

“It’s share time!!,” another fan commented, quoting Kathy’s famous words that pushed Buffy to the edge. Another amused fan wrote, “yes that’s right, is katy [sic] still mad because you stole the milk?” To be fair, Buffy only borrowed a little bit of Kathy’s milk for her coffee at the beginning of the episode. And anyways, it was later revealed that Kathy was gradually sucking Buffy’s soul at night (so the passive-aggressiveness was warranted).

Sarah has been providing fans with much needed comic relief in the form of Buffy throwbacks throughout this scary time. On April 23, she shared a meme of her late ’90s/early 2000’s character rocking uber-short bangs, which read, “How some of y’alls quarantine haircuts are looking.” Buffy may have ended in 2003 after a five-year run, but our favorite vampire slayer still lives on in our memories (and memes).

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