‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Dr. Now Asks Steven Assanti To Shower Because His Stench Is Making People ‘Puke’

In the season finale of 'My 600-Lb. Life,' Steven Assanti returned to the show and got scolded by Dr. Now for not bathing enough. His body odor was making people in the waiting room and office literally vomit.

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Dr. Now and Steven Assanti
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Steven Assanti had bigger problems than not losing any significant amount of weight in the season finale TLC’s My 600-lb. Life on May 27. He returned for the last episode, along with his brother Justin. When Steven went in to visit Dr Younan Nowzaradan, he got a life lesson about the importance of basic self-care and bathing habits. Dr. Now as he’s affectionately known, asked Steven immediately, “So what’s going on with your personal hygiene? You heard of something called soap and water?”

Even though Steven gave a half-hearted, “Yeah,” Dr. Now bluntly told him, “I have a couple of people back there puking from the smell that you have,” pointing out towards his office and waiting room. Steven was at least able to identify that his shower was located inside of his bathroom, and seemed to fib when Dr. Now asked when was the last time he used it. Steven claimed he’d taken a shower the day before yesterday, prior to seeing the physician and weight loss specialist. But Dr. Now was too smart — and his olfactory senses too keen — to believe that answer.

It turned out that Steven’s skin was showing the effects of not bothering to shower. He told Dr. Now about an allergy around his stomach region. The doc gave it a check and determined it was because Steven wasn’t making any effort to keep himself clean. He then told Steven to get it together and start taking better care of his hygiene. But if Dr. Now’s past experience with Steven is any indication, the advice will likely fall on deaf ears.

Steven had been approved for weight loss surgery a year ago, but ended up having to go to rehab when Dr. Now discovered he had an addiction to pain killers. With his new visit to Dr. Now, Steven at least thought he might have lost some weight, even though he said he was having problems keeping faithful to his diet program. In the end, he turned out to have only lost four pounds. But his awful stench is what Dr. Now has identified as Steven’s most immediate health issue.

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