Trump Rips Off T.I.’s Classic ‘Whatever You Like’ To Slam Joe Biden In New Snapchat Video

Donald Trump's latest method of attacking his 2020 Democratic opponent, Joe Biden? A sloppy parody of T.I.'s 2008 hit 'Whatever You Like', with new lyrics about defeating the former VP. The Snapchat clip is a must-watch.

Donald Trump T.I.
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And a cease and desist is landing on the desk in the Oval Office in three… two… one. President Donald Trump, on Memorial Day, used his official Snapchat channel to go after former Vice President Joe Biden in the most bizarre way. The president posted a video on May 25 showing stock photos and screenshots of the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee set to the tune of T.I.‘s 2008 classic, “Whatever You Like” — with some pointed new lyrics. The song now goes, according to Trump: “Yea, I don’t want Joe Biden/ Don’t need Joe Biden/ As long as you got me, you don’t need Joe Biden”. It ends with a photo of Trump smiling. Watch it below, and hear the real lyrics HERE.

It’s unclear who’s singing the new version of the song, because it certainly isn’t T.I. The rapper has made it no secret that he opposes everything that Trump stands for. Back in March 2016, when Trump was still running for president and the country was in primary season, T.I. posted an expletive-laced message to the then-nominee on Instagram. “”Donald Trump, this message is for you. My name is Clifford ‘T.I.P.’ Harris,” he said. “I say this as nonviolently but unapologetically as possible. F**k you and f**k what you stand for. Nobody who support me will support you.” Tip also publicly shamed his friend, Kanye West, for meeting multiple times with Trump, including their infamous Oval Office summit.

He revealed in a 2018 Instagram post that Kanye had actually asked him to come to the White House with him, but he turned him down without hesitation. He called the meeting the “most repulsive, disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I’ve ever seen,” and said that if he had been there, he would have felt “compelled to slap the s**t out of you, bro – for the people!”

There’s also, of course, Tip’s highly controversial 2018 Twitter video, in which a Melania Trump lookalike does a striptease for him in the Oval Office. The video, which he captioned, “Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye,” shows real footage of the president leaving the White House and hopping on Marine One. The First Lady clone then steps into the frame, wearing the infamous “I Don’t Really Care Do U?” jacket. T.I. enjoys the show, then wrecks the White House. It’s safe to say that T.I. won’t be happy with Trump’s Snapchat video.

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