Justin Bieber Goes Bike Riding Barefoot Through Beverly Hills On A Break From Quarantining

Justin Bieber has touched down in Los Angeles after quarantining in Canada with his wife Hailey Baldwin, and was spotted out for a barefoot bike ride.

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Image Credit: LESE / BACKGRID

Justin Bieber took a break from quarantine to go for a barefoot bike ride in Beverly Hills. The “Sorry” hitmaker touched down in California on May 21 after a lengthy lockdown in Canada with his wife Hailey Baldwin, 23, and hit the streets in a bright yellow hoodie as he zoomed around on his motorized bike. The 26-year-old wore a Drew-branded face mask, which he pulled down below his chin as he chatted to someone on the phone. He also paired his hoodie, which read ‘That’s On God! Jesus Is King’, with a black baseball cap and tie-dye shorts.

A few days before fleeing his native Canada, in favor of the Californian sunshine, Justin and Hailey shared the fifth episode of their Facebook series The Biebers On Watch where the “Yummy” singer got to show off his stylist skills! “I’m going to do this lady’s makeup,” Justin announced from his Toronto home,  before confessing, “I have no idea how to do this!” But his stunning model wife was right in his corner, giving him advice and helping him along the way!

“What would you think would have to be the first thing?” Hailey asked her doting hubby. “Foundation” was Justin’s immediate answer — and he was right! While applying Hailey’s foundation, Justing told his gorgeous wife, “I actually want to make you look good, I don’t want to make you look like a clown!” Hailey, of course, couldn’t have been more grateful for Justin sticking to the basics rather than trying to go crazy with each element. After foundation, Justin added concealer and blush to his wife’s face before moving on to eyeshadow. Justin went with “a little mystic” look for his lady love.

Justin Bieber goes for a bike ride. Image: LESE / BACKGRID

Of course, the difficult part of the process came with Hailey’s mascara. “You think you can do it?” Hailey asked Justin. The singer confidently answered “I know I can do it,” before taking the mascara wand and beginning the application to Hailey’s long lashes. “You’re good at this,” Hailey assured her husband. Well, Justin was good at it until Hailey mentioned to her love, “you got it all over my eye!” Fortunately, Justin came in with the save like quasi-professional, licking the tips of his fingers to wipe away the smudges, despite Hailey’s protestations and saying “ew” as he did it.

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