‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Maci Bookout Asks Taylor To Start Having ‘The Talk’ With Bentley, 11

After Bentley revealed he had a girlfriend, during the May 19 episode of 'Teen Mom OG', Maci urged Taylor to get a head start on 'the talk'.

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Somehow, we blinked and missed the kids of Teen Mom OG growing up because on the May 19 episode of the long-running series, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney prepared to give their son, Bentley, who’s now 11, “the talk”. After Bentley revealed that he had a girlfriend, but dumped her for talking smack about him, Maci felt there was no time like the present to start telling her firstborn son about the birds and the bees. Well, she didn’t exactly want Taylor to go that far with “the talk”, but since Bentley has already started dating, she felt it was best to get in there while the iron was hot and make sure Bentley knows it’s important to respect whomever he’s dating. And what we truly loved about Maci’s approach to it all was how she embraced the fact that there’s no guarantee Bentley was born straight. She basically told Taylor that she didn’t care who Bentley dated in his future — male or female — as long as they respect him, and he respects them back. Bravo to her and her parenting.

Sadly, we can’t exactly say with confidence that Bentley’s dad Ryan Edwards would feel the same way. After all, his sole scene this week showed him subtly making fun of his son, saying Bentley will probably be “one of those guys that boohoo cries a little bit” and gets emotional over relationships, as if that’d be a bad thing. Fortunately, even though Maci hadn’t seen Ryan say that, she still felt Ryan would be the wrong guy to have “the talk” with Bentley. “I don’t think it would be serious,” she explained. And Taylor agreed, but because he couldn’t think of anything nice to say about Ryan, he chose not to say anything at all.

Meanwhile, Amber Portwood sought advice from her psychiatrist when she started pulling away from Dimitri. Even though he passed his lie detector test, she still felt worried about him potentially hurting her in the future. After all, she hasn’t had the best track record with men — something that became extremely evident when the show flashed back to Amber’s biggest fights with her exes, including baby daddy Gary Shirley. Amber’s psychiatrist told her that her problems probably stem from her dad’s alcoholism and what she dealt with while growing up around him, and while she agreed, it definitely made her shed a few tears.

Later, Catelynn Lowell found an organic baby food company that she loved, so she traveled to NYC to consider a partnership with them. During the meeting, she learned that they loved her, too, so it sounds like it might be a pretty cool venture for her.

Finally, Cheyenne Floyd was nervous to let Cory Wharton know that Ryder was hospitalized upon his return home from The Challenge, but he seemed okay with her decision not to tell him about her illness right away. And Mackenzie McKee worked on helping Gannon express his emotions after her mom’s death.

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