Future Gives Lori Harvey A Loving Shout-Out On New Album ‘High Off Life’ & Fans Can’t Believe It

Fans swore Future is so 'in love' with Lori Harvey after taking a listen to the rapper's 21-track album 'High Off Life,' which was certified gold right when it hit Spotify. One song in particular caught fans by surprise, though.

Lori Harvey, Future
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Considering how the year has been going, fans were ready for some new music from Future. The rapper, who started of 2020 on a high note with a song featuring Drake, dropped his retitled album, High Off Life, on May 15. Initially named Life Is Good after that Drake collab, fans soon found “what’s good” exactly: Future’s affection for Lori Harvey. “Give me glory / Give me Lori / That’s victory / I wanna drop your name / Is it chemistry?,” Future rapped on “Accepting My Flaws,” leaving listeners stunned over the boldness of the casual name drop. The rest of the track uncharacteristically showed Future’s softer side with lines like, “I always tell her she my therapy, I told her it was rough,” and “Different, you a angel, true to me.”

“Future couldn’t wait to drop Lori’s name in a song,” one fan posted on Twitter, while another fan tweeted, “Give me glory give me Lori…This is some sappy s–t future, I love it.” Other fans commended Lori for winning over Future’s heart. “He dropped Lori name on the track…this ain’t the future i kno,” a different fan tweeted, and a fourth fan gushed, “Future is literally in love with Lori .” The rest of Twitter was divided: was Future still under Lori’s spell, or had his heart broken by Steve Harvey’s adopted daughter?

Future isn’t afraid of putting his emotions and personal life in his music (just check out “Just Like Bruddas,” “Perkys Calling,” “Promise,” or any of the songs supposedly about his ex, Ciara.) So, it wasn’t that unusual to think that High Off Life might have some lines about his long-rumored romance with Lori Harvey. The two first sparked talk of romance in October 2019, when they both shared photos of the same beach. While these two being at the same place at the same time doesn’t automatically mean they were dating, the rumored dogged them a month later when she showed up at his birthday bash. In December of that year, she reportedly traveled with him down to Lagos, Nigeria (where he was to perform his first-ever show in Africa.)

The rumors picked up steam at the start of the year. Future and Lori were seen mingling together at a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas. The rumored couple chatted with fellow partygoers amid a sea of people completely unaware of what 2020 was about to unfold. As the year progressed, Lori and Future continued to appear together. She celebrated her birthday with him and her friends. They cozied up together while on a quick Jamaican getaway. In February, she posted an Instagram video of her dancing to his “Life Is Good (Remix),” and she quoted a line in the caption. “She call me daddy cause my money long like Stevie.” Lori’s father, as we mentioned, is Steve Harvey, so the line is a bit eyebrow-raising.


Lori raised those eyebrows even further at the start of April by sparking pregnancy rumors. In an Instagram Story, Lori captured T-Pain and Lil Jon’s Instagram Live session. When she zoomed in on her television (that was playing the head-to-head), fans noticed there was something interesting on the top of the white cabinetry under the TV.

Some thought it looked like a sonogram, but others pointed out that Lori’s sister, Morgan Hawthorne, is currently pregnant. So, if it were a sonogram, it was likely hers. This might have brought some relief to Future. A quite prolific lover, Us Weekly points out that Future is father to six children with six different women, and two more have sued the “Mask Off” rapper for paternity.

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