Jimmy Kimmel Turns Donald Trump Into A ‘Lying Toddler’ In Doctored Video & The Result Is Amazing

Jimmy Kimmel managed to match up priceless video of a toddler openly lying to her mom with Donald Trump's face. The result is both hilarious and frightening, as 'Toddler Trump' lies about his own coronavirus statements.

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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Jimmy Kimmel has once again skewered Donald Trump to perfection. He and his editing team played “Dr. Fakenstein” and put the president’s face over that of a lying toddler. The ABC late night talk show host used viral video of the cute little girl openly lying to her mom about touching her pet’s dog food to highlight the president’s claims that he never said things about the coronavirus that he so clearly did…on video nonetheless! “Watching that kid deny doing something she clearly did reminded me of someone. So this time I want to say, I want to announce in advance, that we did doctor this video. And here now is our boss baby, deepfake,” he announced during the May 12 segment on his show.

Jimmy’s production team seamlessly put Trump’s face across the tie-dye shirt and peach short wearing blonde toddler. Instead of the little girl’s mom asking her why she keeps lying about touching her pet’s food, the show had a woman speaking in a reporter’s voice asking toddler Trump questions about his previous coronavirus statements that he later denied.

“Mr. President, you said the virus was just like the flu,” the woman is heard asking, and Kimmel’s team kept the little girl’s garbled speech in place for answers. She/Trump responds back “No I did not mess with the food,” which manages to sound so much like “flu.” The woman’s voice asks, “You also said the virus could go away by April,” to which the petulant toddler/Trump defiantly says “No I didn’t!” “No sir, you said it would disappear like a miracle,” the woman continues, as the toddler/Trump responds back with a “no” and some childish gibberish as the little girl is in the midst of learning how to speak. Trump really did say on Feb. 28, “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear” about the coronavirus.

“Yes, you said only 15 people have it and it would go down close to zero,” she asked the cranky todder/Trump, as the president did say that on Feb. 26. Again the response was the child shouting some nonsense with the word “no” clearly heard. The woman’s voice repeated more claims that Trump has made, saying “Yes, you said cloroquine would treat it,” and “No, you said we should try using disinfectant.” The latter Trump was forced to cop to after news conference video of him saying injecting disinfectant into human bodies was something doctors should look into went viral. Instead he later claimed he was being “sarcastic,” when he clearly wasn’t.

Kimmel’s team had the woman repeat more inconvenient Trump truths, including “You said anyone who needs a test can get one,” “You praised China for being transparent,” “You got rid of the pandemic response team, “You ignored every warning throughout January and February,” to all of which the toddler with Trump’s face gave cranky lies saying “No!” In the end, Jimmy said of todder/Trump, “Now go to your room and no Fox News for you. ” The video is hilarious, but at the same time pretty frightening considering all of the statements brought up were things Trump did say, then later claimed he didn’t.