‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Demands Dimitri Take A Lie Detector Test After Their Romance Leaks Online

Amber Portwood tested her new boyfriend, Dimitri's, loyalty during the May 12 episode of 'Teen Mom OG'.

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Amber Portwood became extremely suspicious of her new boyfriend, Dimitri Garcia, during the May 12 episode of Teen Mom OG, when she discovered that their new romance had leaked to the European press. He denied telling anyone about their relationship, but she had a hard time believing him due to her experiences of betrayal with men in the past. And then, when he said he was texting his cousin, but wouldn’t show her his phone, Amber became concerned. So during a private meet-up with her ex, Gary Shirley, Amber told him that she wanted to ask Dimitri to take a lie detector test. And fortunately for her, he happily obliged. Plus, unlike her cheating ex, Matt Baier, Dimitri passed his lie detector test with flying colors, proving he’s with Amber for the “right reasons”, and not for her fame and money.

Meanwhile, Ryan Edwards and wife Mackenzie welcomed their second child together — a baby girl named Stella — meaning Bentley became a big brother again. Between Ryan and Maci, Bentley now has five siblings. And Ryan seemed to be taking the addition to his family in stride, however, he feared what his and Mackenzie’s lives will be like once their two youngest kids get old enough to start begging for their attention all day long.

Later, Mackenzie McKee took a trip to Florida with Josh and their daughter Jaxie so they could celebrate her 6th birthday together. Mackenzie is still working through her grief, following her mom’s death, so she didn’t want to throw a party at home, like they normally would. For her, it would have been too hard to do that without her mom, so she came up with the idea of taking Jaxie to Florida, where they had fun on the beach and went to an aquarium with dolphins. Mackenzie also had to teach a fitness class down there, so she killed two birds with one stone.

As for Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra, they spent this week trying to relaunch their kids clothing line. But after meeting with the sewing company, Tyler became upset when he saw that the prices on the items had tripled. When he asked about it, he was told that it was due to the low amount of orders he requested, so his business partners suggested that he order more items to give him better margins. And he seemed happy with that solution.

Lastly, Ryder developed a fever and it forced Cheyenne to rush her to the hospital. But because Cory was away filming The Challenge, Cheyenne kept Ryder’s health scare a secret. She didn’t want to scare him into leaving and missing out on a big money prize if Ryder’s illness wasn’t serious. Will she regret it? Only time will tell.

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