Ben Affleck & Girlfriend Ana De Armas Wear Matching ‘BFF’ Necklaces & Fans Have Mixed Feelings

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, who have been quarantining together in Los Angeles, were recently spotted wearing matching gold half heart pendants and some Twitter users had questions about the meaning behind it.

Ana de Armas, Ben Affleck
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It looks like Ben Affleck, 47, and girlfriend Ana de Armas, 32, want to show off their close connection through jewelry but not everyone understands why they chose what they did! The actor and actress were recently spotted wearing matching gold half heart pendant necklaces that were made popular by best friends back in the day, and the new pieces most likely signify that their relationship is going strong. After photos of the lovebirds wearing the new neck gear hit the internet, many Twitter users tweeted all about it and they sure had a lot of say. Some didn’t get why the heart halves were matching instead of split and therefore one half each of one whole heart while others were confused on why they would choose to wear the pieces of jewelry in the first place.

“Wait wait wait it’s not two halves of a heart and they each have one half? It’s matching halves? This is really upsetting to me?” one person tweeted while another called the necklaces “cheesy.” “Looks like they put their necklaces on backwards. Lol,” another wrote.

The comments bring on some unanswered questions but it also brings to light the fact that it’s possible Ana and Ben could actually be sharing and wearing the same necklace instead of wearing matching ones since when they were seen with them on it was separately and on different dates. Ana was spotted with the pendant on Apr. 16 while Ben wore his on May 8.

Ana de Armas, Ben Affleck

It seems like only time will tell when it comes to the truth about their necklaces but Ana and Ben seem to definitely be at a good point in their romance. Since they first started dating earlier this year, they have been seen on multiple outings, including a vacation to Havana, Cuba in Mar. and they’ve also been making sure to get some fresh air during quarantine by taking regular walks around Los Angeles, CA together over the past couple of months.

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