‘RHONY’ Recap: Dorinda & Tinsley Get Into A Major Fight At Luann’s New Comedy Show

Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer still haven't squashed their beef and after watching the May 7 episode of 'RHONY', we don't think they ever will.

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Following their fight earlier season, which went down during the April 2 premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer finally decided to sit down together and discuss their differences. But Tinsley wasn’t too thrilled about Dorinda’s idea to let Leah McSweeney sit in as a referee. Dorinda had pitched her idea at Luann de Lesseps‘ comedy show — during the May 7 episode — but Tinsley said there was no need for Leah to get involved in their drama. Leah disagreed because she said Dorinda could be “intimidating”, and while she didn’t mean to rile anyone up by saying that, she did. Dorinda couldn’t believe that anyone would think she was “intimidating”. But what made matters worse was Dorinda twisted Leah’s words when she turned to Tinsley and said, “Leah said you’re intimidated by me”.

As we’re sure you can imagine, things only escalated from there, and soon enough, Tinsley and Dorinda were screaming at each other — just as they did at Dorinda’s party earlier this season. Their feud originated over the fact that Dorinda doesn’t believe Tinsley is ever truthful with the group, especially when it comes to her dating life, but at this point, we couldn’t even tell you what they’re fighting about anymore. Is Dorinda jealous of Tinsley? Do they just not mesh? Maybe these two need to let bygones be bygones and call it a day. Sadly, we don’t think they’ll ever settle this feud.

In other RHONY news, Leah told Ramona Singer that she’s still having issues with her mom, just before arriving to the comedy show. She said that she didn’t know how to make things better, following her wild party in the Hamptons, but Ramona suggested that she get a bouquet of her mother’s favorite flowers, and show up at her door with an apology. Leah thought it was a pretty decent idea, so she said she’s try it.

Meanwhile, at the comedy show itself, Luann teamed up with her ex Jacques. However, she quickly made him feel uncomfortable when she insisted on telling a joke about whether or not she really slept with the pirate all those years ago, while she and Jacques were dating. She said she “never f***ed the pirate”, but Sonja Morgan said the pirate told her otherwise.

More importantly, though, just before the show, Luann made the decision to start drinking again when she took a sip of Ramona’s vodka. Dorinda told her it was a good idea, because now she could forget about any pressure she felt over drinking again, but the group’s friend Elyse felt differently. Elyse basically shaded Luann for drinking again, and made a point to say that the cabaret star shouldn’t be drinking alcohol if she’s in AA. Dorinda, on the other hand, told Elyse to be quiet and mind her own business.
Finally, Sonja discovered that her clothing line hasn’t been doing as well as she had hoped. And her fashion show failed to bring in new sales for her, but she still somehow believes that it’ll take off. Even though she’s basically been losing money on it for the past few years. Oh, Sonja.

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