‘Summer House’ Finale Preview: Hannah Confronts Amanda About Luke & Brings Up Kyle’s Cheating Past

In a heated preview of the 'Summer House' season finale, Hannah confronts Amanda about the ongoing tension between them because of their significant others!

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Ahead of tonight’s Summer House season finale, HollywoodLife.com has an EXCLUSIVE look at the drama about to unfold! During what Lindsay Hubbard called “the best party of the summer,” it appears that Hannah Berner and Amanda Batula butt heads after Hannah stages somewhat of an “intervention” in the middle of the bash. Recall, this comes after last week’s episode when Hannah accused Amanda of not being happy in her own relationship, and therefore taking it out on Hannah’s relationship with Luke Gulbranson. The screaming match left Hannah, Amanda and Paige in tears.

In the beginning of this exclusive clip, Hannah, Paige and Amanda galavant off to a corner to have a “pow wow.” “I love you all,” Hannah begins before Paige says, “I think all summer there has been an underlying tension between the two of you…” pointing to Hannah and Amanda. “I’m going to be honest with you right now, we have had passive aggressive moments with each other that I don’t want anymore,” Hannah continues, speaking directly to Amanda.

“Hannah I love you, the issue is that you have had a lot of opinions with my relationship where you felt like you needed to speak up. But when I give you my opinions you can’t take it,” Amanda replies. Hannah continues, “For whatever reason, Luke triggers you. You and Kyle have been in the relationship in the house and now me and Luke are in the relationship and now, you don’t want to focus on you and Kyle, so you’re putting your energy into us.”

Amanda then drops the bomb we’ve seen from a mile away, admitting to Hannah she just simply doesn’t like Luke. “I really value my friendship with Amanda, but right now I just feel like she isn’t the same Amanda I was friends with last summer,” Hannah says in the confessional. “She’s letting Luke get in between our friendship and it sucks.”

Things then get messy, as Paige tries to intervene saying, “Literally, as an outsider watching, you have these two relationships… The level is different because they’re engaged and you’re just seeing each other…” “But also, Amanda has literally gotten cheated on,” Hannah interrupts. Yikes.

Be sure to tune in to see it all unfold during the season finale of Summer House on Bravo at 9 PM ET!

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