‘RHOBH’ Recap: Sutton Shades Teddi & Denise Claims Dangerous People Are ‘Following’ Her

The April 29 episode of 'RHOBH' featured another 'dinner party from hell', during which Sutton made Teddi cry, and Denise's husband Aaron Phypers left everyone speechless.

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Where do we even begin? The April 29 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gave us major Season 1 flashbacks, as Kyle Richards hosted what will probably go down as the sequel to Season 1’s “dinner party from hell”. Nine years after OG star Camille Grammer hosted a dramatic dinner of her own — during which Kyle and her longtime friend, “the morally corrupt” Faye Resnick, were targeted by both Camille and a cigar-smoking psychic — Kyle’s own get together ended up becoming a similar disaster.

First, the ladies thought it might be a good idea to go around the dinner table and reveal the first impressions they had of the person sitting to the right of them. Kyle, Garcelle Beauvais, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Girardi and Denise Richards all had nice things to say about each other, but when it was Sutton Stracke‘s turn to play, she said she wanted to be “honest”. She didn’t exactly accuse the other ladies of lying and being fake, but she said it without actually saying it. And then, she looked over at Teddi Mellencamp and told Teddi that she initially thought she’d be “a little boring”. Teddi took the remark by surprise and tried laughing it off, while her husband, Edwin, sat nearby and remained silent.

“Are we supposed to be honest or not?” Sutton asked the group, after they all had become shellshocked by what she just said. “Women like Sutton are few and far between in Beverly Hills,” Erika said during her confessional. “But there’s a whole world of women like Sutton out there, and you know what, God bless them.”

“That was my first impression,” Sutton added, before she admitted that she became annoyed when she found out that Teddi was also pregnant. “God help us,” was her first reaction to hearing that news, she told the group. Then, Sutton tried turning it all around by saying, “You’re more interesting than I thought,” but the damage was already done. And it just got worse when they started arguing about Teddi’s event and how she told everyone that she “didn’t care” if they came or not.

It all eventually became too much for Teddi, and she quickly broke down in tears before running out of the room. She blamed her emotions on her pregnancy hormones, but it seemed clear that it was more than that. Sutton struck a nerve.

In the end, Sutton did apologize, but she didn’t regret what she had said. After all, she was just being “honest”. And Kyle, who’s supposed to be Teddi’s best friend, told Sutton that there’s no way she was wrong for saying what she said if she was just speaking her “truth”.

Later, the topic of conversation at Kyle’s dinner party somehow came around to what Denise’s husband Aaron Phypers does for a living. He spewed a bunch of random scientific terms at the ladies, so not a lot of it could be retained — or understood for that matter — but things did get interesting when Denise randomly told Aaron to be careful what he says because they’re “already being followed” by dangerous people, who don’t like the information he’s sharing with the world. Aaron told the ladies that “cancer comes” into a person’s body “because it’s protecting you from an infection your immune system could not respond to, and you would have died in 12 hours. It’s your best friend that protected you from somebody that’s going to shoot you in the head with a bullet. That’s what cancer is”.
None of the ladies appeared to believe what Aaron was saying, as Lisa Rinna just kept repeatedly asking, “Really?” and Erika took to her confessional to mock Aaron, by pointing out the fact that he’s not a doctor, nor does he “play one on TV”.
When Lisa then asked about the “common cold” and why people get it, Aaron appeared to be at a loss for words. But he did tell her, “You have no idea what I really do.” Lisa said she “does”, but he said, “not really”, and then advised her to come into his office sometime.
“This is the moment — as a wife — when you do the tap tap on the knee,” Sutton said in her confessional, as Denise could be seen returning from her bathroom break. If only the other ladies had the same luxury of escaping that conversation…

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