Tom Felton Makes Out With Taylor Swift’s Brother Austin In ‘Braking For Whales’ Trailer

In the trailer for 'Braking for Whales,' Austin Swift pushes Tom Felton up against the wall and kisses him during one steamy, but volatile, scene.

The trailer for Tom Felton’s new movie, Braking For Whales, has everyone talking due to one particular moment between the actor and co-star, Austin Swift. Throughout the trailer, Tom’s character struggles with his sexuality, as he insists to his sister (played by Tammin Sursok) multiple times that he’s “not gay.” He seems to be fighting this during a scene with Austin, as the trailer features flashes through scenes of them getting physical each other before they indulge in a steamy makeout session, where Austin presses Tom up against a brick wall.

In the movie, Tom plays Brandon Walker and Tammin plays Star Walker. The brother/sister duo don’t have a close relationship, but they’re forced to overcome their differences after the death of their mother. The pair come together to fulfill their mother’s bizarre dying wish: That her ashes be stuffed inside of a whale. It leads them on a road trip, during which they discuss the past and struggle with their issues with one another. However, it’s also a bonding experience for them.

Austin, who is Taylor Swift’s brother, appears to have just a small part at J.T., Brandon’s love interest, in the movie. Tammin co-wrote the movie with Sean McEwen, who also served as director. Wendi McLendon-Covey also stars in the film (she plays Brandon and Star’s aunt, Jackie).

Braking For Whales was released digitally on April 24, but the trailer has just gone viral on Twitter, as fans have caught wind of the PDA between Tom and Austin. “I just saw Austin Swift kissing with Tom Felton and idk how I feel about it,” one person tweeted, while another wrote. “Tom Felton & Austin Swift in the new movie Breaking for Whales. I’m freaking out right now.” Check out the kiss in the trailer above!

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