Justin Bieber Joins Canadian Stars To Sing ‘Lean On Me’ For COVID-19 Relief & Fans Ask ‘Where’s Drake?’

As Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, and more of Canada's music stars united in song during the 'Stronger Together' special, some Canucks had one question: why was Drake missing?

There was joy in every heart and a tear in every Canadian’s eye during the Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble, a Canadian TV special that aimed to raise money for Food Banks Canada during the COVID-19 outbreak. The special, airing on Apr. 26, was packed to the brim with practically every A-lister from the Great White North, and some joined in for a rendition of Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me” (Tragically, Bill passed away due to heart complications at the end of March.) Justin Bieber kicked off the sing-a-long, which included Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams, Sarah MacLachlan, Geddy Lee of RUSH, Walk Off The Earth, Josh Ramsay, and so many more. One person who wasn’t involved was Drake, and Champagne Papi’s absence left some viewers scratching their heads.

“Mate, where is  @Drake in this Lean on me song? #TousEnsemble” one fan tweeted. “Missed the broadcast last night, but great to see Canadian artists come together with “Lean on Me”. Reminiscent of “Tears are Not Enough” from 1985. Wondering where Drake and Shawn Mendes were on this one?” “Canada’s #StrongerTogether special was on tonight. Not going to lie, the finale got me. Missing a few key players though… [Eyes Emoji] Alanis Morrisette. Drake. Celine Dion.”


Viewers would get their Drake fix soon enough. The “Toosie Slide” rapper closed out the special. “I want to start off by saying hats off to all the artists who performed, showcased their talents tonight for a good cause,” Drake said, per Billboard. “I want to send all my love, all my gratitude, all my support out to the frontline workers,” he said, adding that he had to go to the “hospital the other day due to a foot injury.” While there, he was inspired by the medical professionals who “who have to leave their families every day and go to work amidst this crisis, as dangerous as this is,” and that such selflessness and courage is “the glue holding us together.”

The Stronger Together special also featured shot-at-home performances from Michael Bublé, Barenaked Ladies, Shania Twain, Alessia Cara, and Sarah McLachlan. Celine appeared in the program to thank all the first responders (“We salute your bravery,” she said), and Justin, alongside wife Hailey Baldwin, also shared a message to all those in his home and native land. “Just wanted to let you guys know we are here in Canada with you guys,” he said. “We are enduring this as a country together. We are sending our love and prayers.”

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