Barack Obama Reveals He’s A Silver Fox With Full Head Of Gray Hair While Urging People To Remain ‘Resilient’

President Barack Obama shared a video clip on Twitter that showed him having a special Zoom meeting about the effects of racism in the current 'complicated world' and he revealed an entire head of gray hair.

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President Barack Obama, 58, was looking like a handsome silver fox during one of his latest Zoom meetings! The father-of-two took to Twitter on Apr. 24 to share a clip of himself sitting down and talking about the struggles of race and other issues in the time of the coronavirus pandemic with some people involved in his My Brother’s Keep (MBK) Alliance, and he showed off an entire head of gray hair in the video. Although his former dark hair has already started turning much lighter over the past few years, since this was the first time the public has seen Barack in a bit, his full head of silver strands was a bit of a surprise and definitely prove he’s embracing the changes to his hair and looking great at the same time!

In addition to confidently showing off his gray hair, Barack discussed some important issues with the MBK Alliance, which is aimed at “improving outcomes for boys and young men of color by igniting efforts on national and local levels” according to their Twitter page bio, and advised them how to get through these “challenging times” while also praising them for already being “resilient” and “tough”.

“You and your fellow scholars and your colleagues and your friends, take the time now to reflect on the fact that you are going into a complicated world with a lot of challenges,” he said in the Zoom meeting. “They were challenging before this and they’re going to be more challenging now. Here’s the good news, is you’ve also already had experiences that are making you more resilient, making you tougher, making you more creative, forcing you to use your mother wing and think on the spot in terms of how you handle things. And if you harness what’s already in you then you will actually be a step ahead.”

Barack’s words of encouragement come at a time when most stay-at-home orders in the U.S. are still in place and coronavirus infections keep rising. There have been a total of 2,860,189 cases worldwide as of Apr. 25, including U.S.’s numbers in at 926,530, including 52,243 deaths.

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