Barack Obama Seems To Shade Trump: We’re Still Waiting For A ‘Coherent’ Plan To Combat Coronavirus

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, former President Barack Obama has been very active on Twitter. Now he's appearing to throw shade at Donald Trump, saying we're still 'waiting for a coherent national plan.'

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Since President Donald Trump was so late in responding to the coronavirus outbreak, and refusing to take responsibility for the myriad of federal missteps, his predecessor Barack Obama has taken to sharing helpful and timely COVID-19 information with his Twitter followers. On Apr. 22, he made a pretty big dig at Trump and his administration over still failing to have a national plan in place on how to handle the spread, testing and public health challenges of the virus. 44 then shared a New Yorker article titled “It’s Not Too Late to Go on Offense Against the Coronavirus.”

“While we continue to wait for a coherent national plan to navigate this pandemic, states like Massachusetts are beginning to adopt their own public health plans to combat this virus––before it’s too late,” Obama, 58, wrote. What a classy way to burn Trump without naming him. In the article, author and longtime global health leader Dr. Jim Yong Kim said, “In the face of such an enemy, America’s passivity has been puzzling and unworthy of the best episodes in our history. The time has come for us to get into the fight. It’s not too late: we can still mobilize and start hunting down the virus. What’s needed is a decisive investment in a public-health initiative big enough to meet the challenge.”

So far, President Trump, 73, and his administration have put forth a three-part plan for gradually reopening the economy, businesses and restoring socialization. But they have not provided much-needed COVID-19 testing and antibody kits to get the process underway. Some states have declared that they’re soon re-opening and going out of lockdown, despite a growing numbers of COVID-19 cases. Many of which have gone undetected as the coronavirus has proved asymptomatic in numerous individuals and testing has been extremely limited due to kit shortages.

Fans were eating up Obama’s not so subtle shade. User @BrennaSimonSays wrote, “@BarackObama ‘coherent national plan to navigate this pandemic’ might be the most eloquent diss I’ve ever heard” with applause emojis. @souixsiesouix commented, “I’m glad someone else caught that low-key shade. Love it!”

User @CJ_isnowblue wrote, “@BarackObama yes we definitely need to wait for a coherent national plan because all we have right now is an incoherent rambling of a madman and his yes men. Ps- I haven’t had a good nights sleep since you left office. I can’t wait for #Biden2020!!” while @LaurenBaratzL begged, “I miss having coherent national plans and I really miss having a real president. Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” User @soloyochapin rephrased Obama’s comment to read, “While we continue to wait for @realDonaldTrump to stop tweeting, watching @FoxNews and throwing tantrums so @POTUS can develop a coherent national plan…”

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