JoJo Siwa Ditches Her Signature Ponytail & Shows Off Her Wild Natural Hair In New TikTok Video

Are we seeing things? JoJo Siwa pulled off the ultimate surprise on TikTok when she threw off her bow and shook her natural curls from her iconic ponytail. She's a whole new JoJo with this cute look!

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JoJo Siwa
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Image Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Forget being outed as the T-Rex on The Masked Singer — THIS is JoJo Siwa‘s biggest reveal of 2020! The “Kid in a Candy Store” singer, 16, took to her massively popular TikTok page to share a brand new look, and her fans were in for an absolute surprise. JoJo took the bow out of her hair and released her iconic high ponytail. That’s right; her 18.8 million followers got to see her real hair in all its glory. And she’s stunning! The video, which you can watch below, shows JoJo lip synching to TIAGZ‘s “Flout on the Sound” as she shows off a few of her typical outfits — sparkly pants, pink leopard, fringe, sequins, a vest covered in teddy bears(??), and enough neon to make Lisa Frank blush. But her last look is the most outrageous of them all. At least, by JoJo standards.

At the very end of her TikTok, just for a split second, JoJo literally lets her hair down and flips her natural curls. Her outfit is muted, too. Rather than the glitterbomb that’s her normal wardrobe, she’s just wearing a black t-shirt with a unicorn on the front. Her cuteness cannot be overstated! It’s a total departure from the Nickelodeon star’s public persona, and her fans were shook by the reveal. “Omg this is a whole other JoJo and I love it,” one commented. Another fan wrote, “Can we just take a minute and talk about how much that kind of hairstyle suits her?” They were prepared for JoJo to do something wild, though, after she said announced in a previous TikTok that “if I hit 19 million followers in 24 hours, I’ll do whatever the top comment says.”

She dodged a bullet there; for awhile, the top comment said “get a septum piercing and dye your hair dark.” Close one! It was soon replaced with “dress normal for a day.” While she didn’t make the 19 million goal, she got close enough and complied. Her follow-up video showed her telling someone offscreen, “I can’t take it off.” She captioned it, “when people THINK this is how it works… lol. i can take it off but i’m not gonnnnnna.” She added a bow emoji.



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The last time everyone saw JoJo bow-less was in November 2019, when she turned herself into a VSCO girl on YouTube. She put her hair up into a messy bun, but made to use some JoJo-brand scrunchies to complete the look. She killed it!