Sophie Turner Wears Full Protective Gear Outside With Joe Jonas Amid Ongoing Pregnancy Reports

Allegedly pregnant Sophie Turner and husband Joe Jonas took coronavirus protection measures while out walking their dogs. The couple donned face masks as Sophie hid her belly with a loose sweatshirt.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
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In the two months since reports first surfaced that Joe Jonas, 30, and wife Sophie Turner,  24, are allegedly expecting their first child this summer, she’s given a master-class in how to go out in public in clothing that shows no hint of a baby bump. The former Game of Thrones star did it once again on Apr. 20, as the couple took their three dogs for a walk amid the coronavirus lockdown. They each donned black protective masks, which are now required in Los Angeles when going out in public spaces. But they played it safe on the empty streets of their Encino, CA neighborhood by donning the facial protection.

Sophie wore a loose-fitting grey collared athletic sweatshirt with an open zipper down from her neck to her chest. It wasn’t so oversized as to look out-of-place or like she was hiding something, but it did cover any signs of a possible baby bump. The sweatshirt’s cut landed just below her hips, and she paired the look with black athletic pants with a white stripe down the side. If it wasn’t for the pregnancy rumors, she’d look just like any other woman wearing comfy clothes while under the coronavirus lockdown that’s been in effect in California since March 19.

The actress wore her blonde hair up in a high ponytail with only her blue eyes showing, thanks to the large face mask. Joe wore dark shades for his look, as he donned dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt and an orange jacket for their walk. JEANS! Props to Joe for getting out of sweats and pajamas, like most folks staying at home in self-isolation are wearing.

The couple walked their three pups, as Joe had a joint leash holding their Alaska Klee Kai Porky and their golden retriever they got as a puppy in Aug. 2019. Sophie held on to the leash of their adorable white and tan corgi. The pair has been getting fresh air and exercise on their daily dog walks, and their furry family likely appreciates getting out of the house and being able to burn off some energy as well.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas and allegedly pregnant wife Sophie Turner take their dogs for a walk in their Encino, CA neighborhood on Apr. 20, 2020. Sophie covered up any sign of a baby bump in a comfy athletic sweatshirt, as the couple wore protective face masks during the coronavirus quarantine. Photo credit: BACKGRID.

The couple has been managing to have a good time together while at home during the lockdown. Joe let Sophie do a glam makeup job on him, giving him rose-pink eyes and cheeks as well as some facial glitter. Joe shared a few clips of a LEGO project they’ve been building together, that included a massive 1989 “Batmobile” with tiny characters from the Batman movie. The singer has also “taken up Instagram Live DJing,” according to Sophie, when she appeared on the at-home version of Conan on Mar. 31. He’s also enjoying shots of tequila at home, while she’s refraining from drinking.

“He’s [started] doing that really, really loudly when I’m trying to read my scripts. He’s DJing at home, and the other day, yesterday or the day before, he’s started doing an ’80s set for the good part of two hours…But it’s fun! I pour him his drinks. I pour him his alcohol. I give him tequila shots,” Sophie revealed. So he’s drinking during quarantine and Sophie is not, which is another sign she could have a baby on board. “He’ll text me and be like, ‘What time is it?’ And then, I’ll reply from the kitchen, ‘Shot time,’ and bring him a shot of tequila.” Conan asked, “What time is shot time? Is it after five?” to which Sophie laughed, “There’s no rules in quarantine.”

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