Blake Lively Reminisces On ‘Gossip Girl’ Days By Sharing Her Hilarious Take On New Viral Meme

Even though Blake Lively has moved on from her 'Gossip Girl' days, she can still appreciate a good meme inspired by the series -- and she proved it by sharing one to her Instagram!

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Gossip Girl meme has taken over the Internet amidst the coronavirus pandemic! The meme shows Blake Lively’s character, Serena Van Der Woodsen, asking Leighton Meester’s character, Blair Waldorf, a question, and Blair giving a witty reply. The reply is always a play on the show’s title, with one word, also starting with a ‘G’, replacing Gossip, and the ‘girl’ being how Blair is addressing Serena. Blake caught wind of the viral craze, and shared a version of the meme that she found funny.

In Blake’s version of the meme, Serena asks, “What should I wear to the supermarket?” and Blair responds, “Gloves, girl.” Obviously, this is in reference to the level of protection and precautions that people are taking while visiting essential businesses, like supermarkets, amidst the coronavirus. Blake didn’t elaborate with the meme, but she clearly found it hilarious, and got fans all in their feels about her time on the show.

It’s not every day that Blake references her time on Gossip Girl, so fans of the show were thrilled to see her looking back on that era. The show, which aired from 2007 until 2012, shot Blake to superstardom, and made her a style icon, as well as a respected actress.

The same year that the show ended, Blake married Ryan Reynolds. They’ve since had three daughters together. Recently, Ryan opened up about whether or not he ever tuned into Gossip Girl and saw Blake on the show. “I didn’t watch. I drank it through my eyes,” he joked, in response to a fan on Twitter. Well, for any episode’s he’s missed, this quarantine is the perfect time for a good binge!