Riley Curry, 7, Proves She’s A Budding Star By Impressing Lecrae By Rapping His Song ‘Coming In Hot’

Steph Curry's daughter Riley is proving how she's no little girl anymore. The seven-year-old impressed rapper Lecrae by busting out rhymes from his song 'Coming In Hot' during an IG live session.

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Image Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Where did that sassy little girl from Steph Curry‘s post-game NBA press conferences go? His daughter Riley is now seven and so grown up. She’s still got sass though, and she proved it by rapping the bars to Lecrae‘s 2018 hit “Coming In Hot.” What’s even better, her Golden State Warriors superstar dad, 32, got the 40-year-old hip hop artist — real name Lecrae Devaughn Moore — on an Apr. 13 Instagram live with him and wife Ayesha, 31, so they could see Lecrae’s reaction to Riley spitting his bars.

The Currys are  having fun as a family in lockdown, as they were seated in front of a lit fireplace. “Coming in hot….ready….ready” Steph, clad in a black and white plaid flannel tells Riley, getting her psyched up. He even played her hype man, giving “uh huh,” “yup yup” and “hey” comments after each line, while sometimes just repeating what Riley rapped. Lecrae could be seen in the bottom half of the screen, his eyes lighting up and giving impressed facial expressions as Riley continued on through his song.

Ayesha could be seen at times mouthing along, and moved back and forth to the rhythm of Riley’s lines. But it was dad Steph who was so proud of his eldest child for mastering the song. By the time she got to the end, rapping “So say what you say // ‘Cause that’s A with Lecrae // From the A-Train to the A // I’m coming in hot! // I don’t do the most but I do a lot,” he let out a big “whoop” for his budding rap star. Even Lecrae was jamming along, making movements with his hands and appearing to dance to Riley’s rap. She wore her hair in tight patterned braids, and her locks looked shorter than they have in the past.

Ayesha and Steph have been making the most of their family time ever since the NBA suspended its current season on March 11 and California went into lockdown on March 19. In honor of her 31st birthday on March 23, talented cook and baker Ayesha showed fans how to make a rainbow cake along with Riley and her younger sister Ryan, four. Steph has been showing his son Canon, 21 months, how to do pushups and play golf, which is the NBA superstar’s other favorite sport. Thankfully the couple has been sharing Instagram videos of all of their cute moments at home as a family.