Cassie Randolph Reveals How Animals Helped Her ‘Bond’ With Colton Underwood For PETA Campaign

While urging fans to steer clear of SeaWorld and other marine parks for a new PETA ad, Cassie Randolph opened up about how she turned Colton Underwood into a total 'cat dad'!

Cassie Randolph is the latest celebrity to team up with PETA for animal rights, and HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE first look at her campaign. Cassie is urging her fans and followers to stop going to marine parks, like SeaWorld, which are holding marine mammals in captivity. For her ad, she posed in a glass tank next to the ocean, with text that reads, “If you think isolation is hard, try it for 30 years.”

The ad is referencing the current quarantine regulations set in place amidst the coronavirus, which has left U.S. citizens forced to stay inside to stop the spread of COVID-19. Considering Cassie’s boyfriend, Colton Underwood,  was diagnosed with coronavirus, Cassie knows first-hand how tough it is to deal with isolation. In addition to this artwork, Cassie also sat down with PETA to talk about why this cause is so important to her.

“I live by the beach, so marine life is really important to me,” Cassie told PETA. “When I’m out there on the beach and in the ocean surfing, I’ll see dolphins. It’s really amazing to see them out there. The fact that people would take them from their natural environment and families and their life is just so sad. Really, people are doing it for money and entertainment. I think it’s important, that with a platform, you use it to stand up for things you really believe in.”

cassie randolph
Brian Bowen Smith.

Cassie also opened up about how animals helped her form a connection with Colton on The Bachelor, and how pets are a big part of their relationship. “I think mine and Colton’s love for animals helped us bond,” she revealed. “Obviously, he’s a dog guy, and I’m a cat girl. But right now, I’m fostering kittens, and now, he’s a full-on cat dad.”

To conclude her message, Cassie added, “I think a way to help marine mammals is to urge aquariums to take marine mammals and put them in a seaside sanctuary where they are safe and in their natural environment, so they’re having a happy full life. I think it’s important to not visit these places that are putting their mammals in captivity. I don’t think people are really away of how sad their lives are when they’re there.”

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