Heiress Harris, 4, Flips Out After App Says She Looks Like She’s 16: ‘I’m Just A Baby’

Tiny Harris and T.I.'s adorable daughter made quite the impression on fans in a newly surfaced video that showed her talking to an age-guessing app and setting it straight when it got her age wrong.

Heiress Harris
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Heiress Harris, 4, was not pleased with one age-guessing app getting her age wrong and she wasn’t afraid to make it known! The incredibly cute daughter of Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 44, and T.I., 39, could be seen watching the app randomly select the age it thought she looked like, which ended up being 16, in a newly released video on Apr. 8 and she was quick to respond with an adorable sassy correction. “I am not 16, I’m just a three-years-old baby!” Heiress said after showing off a confused look on her face. Since Heiress turned four on Mar. 26, we’re not sure if this video was taken before her special day or if she just forgot her new age, but either way, the clip is definitely hilarious.

Fans who saw the video were quick to add comments about Heiress’ epic response and many of them were impressed by how well she spoke and/or how funny she was. “She talks well for a 3 year 😭😭😭😭,” one follower wrote while another wrote, “This how you talk when TI your daddy ❤️ She’s sounds like a big girl.” Others simply called her “smart” and some left laughing emojis.

This isn’t the first time Heiress has been in the spotlight. Her parents often share eye-catching pics and videos of her during memorable moments, like the recent Tik Tok videos that showed her dancing up a storm before her birthday. In one, she can be seen standing in front of her little cousin Caitlin Jody as they both clap their hands and move their arms to Megan the Stallion‘s song “Savage” before showing off hand soap while someone screams “coronavirus!” in the background.

It’s great to see such a funny video of Heiress during some tough times in the world. We can’t wait to see more of her growing up and impressing followers!

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