Canon Curry, 1, Reveals He’s Crushing On Jennifer Lopez In Adorable Video Shared By Mom Ayesha

One-year-old Canon Curry's mom, Ayesha, revealed in two clips from her Instagram story that her youngest's first crush is Jennifer Lopez! And Ayesha is totally 'okay' with it!

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Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Radarpics/Shutterstock

Even though he’s only one-year-old, Canon Curry‘s already developing his first crush! The tiny tot was featured in mom Ayesha Curry‘s Instagram story on April 7, and the little one definitely made his feelings known. Walking over to her son, who sat on the floor by one of his two sisters — either Riley, 7 and Ryan, 4 — Ayesha, 31, asked Canon, “What do you want?” To which Canon only replied, “Lopez!” Being the incredible, doting mom she is, Ayesha fulfilled her youngest’s wishes and asked him “which song” he wanted to hear by Jennifer Lopez, 50.

Canon gave an indiscernible answer, but Ayesha had it all taken care of! “Hey Google, play Jennifer Lopez, ‘Ain’t Your Mama.'” Before the song even started, Canon looked at his mom with the biggest smile on his face, which totally melted the mother-of-three’s heart. “Soooo I’m not my son’s first crush, y’all…. @jlo is (He’s saying ‘Lopez’),” she captioned the first video. But Ayesha made it clear that she was more than fine with Canon’s first crush, captioning the second clip, “I’m okay with it, as long as I get this smile when I play his fave song!”

But just like Ayesha’s sweet videos of Canon on April 7, there’s never any shortage of cuteness from Ayesha and her husband, Stephen Curry‘s, little boy! While the family has been safely in quarantine amid the global COVID-19 outbreak, Ayesha and Steph have been finding unique ways to keep their kiddos thoroughly entertained. On March 16, Ayesha gave a glimpse inside some of the “Curry Chronicles,” capturing Canon and his look-a-like dad, 32, playing some indoor golf while wearing comfortable loungewear! “Are you golfing, Bubbas?!” Ayesha asked her little one, to which Canon replied, “yeah” with a look of excitement on his face! It took Canon a few swings to finally hit the ball, but when he did, Ayesha couldn’t have been prouder!

The Curry family has definitely been staying well-entertained during their time in quarantine. Better yet, Ayesha and Steph now have oodles of time to continue to bond with their little ones while staying safely at home. Much like their fans, we cannot wait to see what this little family shares next!

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