Kim Zolciak Reveals What It Would Take To Get Her Back On ‘RHOA’: There’s ‘Stipulations’

Kim Zolciak spoke on possibly returning to 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' but there would be some needed changes in order for that to happen.

Kim Zolciak
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Hell froze over for many longtime RHOA fans when frenemies Kim Zolciak, 41, and NeNe Leakes, 52, reunited for a fun Instagram Live girl chat on Saturday, April 4. There were many topics discussed between the two reality television legends, one of which centered on when and if Kim would return to the Bravo series. “I think when I came back, I thought it was going to be great — I’m always with the kids, I’m always with the family, I’m going to have girl time — and that was not it,” the Don’t Be Tardy star said about her return to the show part-time in season 10. “I’m different than I was 13 years ago. I’ve never gotten into physical fights with people until this show…I think if there was a more controlled atmosphere, and we went back with some of the OGs, I think it would be great because we all know each other. You, me and Sheree (Whitfield) had such a good time.”

Kim also dove into the dynamics of what happens at the RHOA reunions which still doesn’t sit well with her all this time later. “Here’s what I don’t understand. I feel like with the reunions — when I was there…they always pick one person to gang up on,” she said. “And I just don’t feel like that’s good. I have PTSD from the reunions. It’s f****** inane. I always feel like we have positive things going on, and I don’t know what it is — but one person is always singled out and ganged up on. And that’s it for the whole year — you’re f****** for that whole season.”

The mother-of-six then made a cryptic quote about what it would REALLY take to get her to hold a peach again. “Honestly, If there were some stipulations and we got rid of the f****** crazies, it could be the best comeback show ever!” Who is she referring to, though, as a “crazy”?

Kim, along with NeNe, was one of the OG stars of RHOA when the show premiered in October 2008. She remained as a main cast member for its first 5 seasons before returning as a guest and friend of the wives for seasons 9 and 10 respectively. NeNe’s has a deeper history with the show having appeared in every season in some capacity except for season 9.

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