Amber Portwood: Why She’s Not Responding To Jenelle Evans’ ‘Teen Mom’ Disses Against Her

Amber Portwood has been 'staying off social media' in the midst of co-star Jenelle Evans' comments about how she doesn't understand why she was able to stay on 'Teen Mom' due to her domestic violence past.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Amber Portwood, 29, is not paying attention to former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans‘ recent comments about how she thinks she shouldn’t have been allowed to continue on Teen Mom OG after her domestic violence disputes. It turns out the mother-of-two is too busy staying well and spending time with family.

“Amber’s been staying off social media and further working on herself,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She doesn’t feel the need to get into a feud with Jenelle with everything going on in the world right now. She’s seeing her kids and they are communicating all of the time when they’re not with her. When she’s not with the kids, she’s doing the best she can by herself. Amber is always just trying to make herself a better person. She knows she’s not perfect. She’s been watching a lot of Ted Talks during this time. She’s been reading, watching videos and taking this time to try and learn.”

Amber, who shares daughter Leah, 11, with ex Gary Shirley, 33, and son James, 1, with boyfriend Andrew Glennon, has had a number of domestic disputes in the past and Jenelle, who was removed from Teen Mom 2 after her now estranged husband David Eason, 31, shot and killed their dog in Apr. 2019, thinks the way MTV handled their cases in such different ways wasn’t right. Although David was previously fired from the show for some homophobic slurs before the dog incident in 2018, Jenelle wasn’t “let go” until the killing of the dog made headlines. Jenelle spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife about her thoughts on both her and Amber’s different situations on Mar. 25.

“I have spoken with my old producers many times about this. They still claim I was not fired’ but ‘let go for a season’,” she EXCLUSIVELY told us. “As for the Amber situation they said ‘well Amber didn’t leave a paper trail for what she did,’ whatever that means. I am guessing they are still holding me responsible for my husband’s actions, even though I did not do anything wrong.”

She went on to point out how there was a video tied to one of Amber’s domestic disputes but MTV producers still didn’t let her go from her show. “David wasn’t ever charged with any sort of crime, but Amber was and left a paper trail through Ring Cameras in her house that were released online,” she said before referring to the dispute between Amber and Andrew, which involved her holding a sword. “Amber showed her sword to the public online and bragged that it says ‘Mother Goddess’ after the incident with Andrew occurred.”

“Over the years MTV has filmed me on drugs, giving custody of my son to my mom, filmed while in dangerous situations… and they never cared because they always got their ratings,” Jenelle concluded. “I don’t understand what’s worse than my past that is currently happening now. My story just stopped and fans still want to follow my journey. I feel chewed up and spit out.”

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