Selena Gomez Hints At Writing New Music While In Quarantine & Gushes Over Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez is already 'writing a lot' after just releasing an album in January. She even called Miley Cyrus one of the 'greatest singers ever' while appearing on her fellow Disney Channel star's Instagram Live show!

Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus
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Selena Gomez is taking advantage of her newfound downtime to put words to paper (or a Google Document). The 27-year-old singer revealed that she’s coping with the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing by writing, leaving open the possibility that she could be writing new lyrics. Sadly, Selena didn’t specify while delivering this update on Miley Cyrus’s Instagram Live show, Bright Minded, on April 3.

“I’ve been writing a lot. I think that that’s been helping me process what’s been going on,” Selena announced on Friday’s show. She later added, “There are moments where I just have to center myself and let the thoughts come in. Sometimes I’ll write them down, and then completely just sit with, ‘What is it? What is the root of this? Why can I get to the bottom of this?’ And it really helps me.”

Fans know how personal Selena’s music is — as evidenced by her latest album Rare, which dropped on Jan. 10 — so it’s not far-stretched to believe that this “writing” can inspire her music! Speaking of music, Selena couldn’t help but give her compliments to one of the industry’s most iconic pop stars: Miley! “I’ve always been a fan of yours and think you’re one of the greatest singers, ever,” Selena gushed to the Instagram Live’s hostess at one point during the interview. The compliment just goes to prove that rumors of a feud between Miley and Selena (who were both Disney Channel stars, and dated Nick Jonas) were purely speculation in the late 2000’s.

Selena’s biggest announcement on the show, however, was that she’s bipolar. Viewers commended Selena’s bravery for revealing the diagnosis, which was even new information to the singer herself. “Recently, I went to one of the best hospitals in the world — or definitely in America — McClean [Hospital, in Massachusetts], and I discussed that after going through years of a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar,” Selena revealed to Miley. “And so, when I know more information it actually helps me; it doesn’t scare me once I know it. And I think people get scared of that…I’m from Texas, where it’s not known to talk about your mental health. You’ve got to seem cool.” Selena had opened up about dealing with depression, anxiety and her Lupus disease in the past, but it was the first time she shed light on her bipolar diagnosis.

Two days before hopping onto Miley’s Instagram Live show, Selena ventured outside in Los Angeles. She looked cozy and fresh-faced in blue sweatpants, a Vanna Youngstein Cara Mia Tank and Puma’s Rs-X3 Plas Tech Sneakers, managing to still look fashion-forward despite quarantining.

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