Justin Bieber & Tom Holland Confirm Bromance On Surprise Instagram Live: ‘You’re So Awesome’

Justin Bieber and Tom Holland are officially BFFs! The guys are HUGE fans of each other, and threw excited fans for a loop when they finally got to chill together for the first time over Instagram Live.

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And they said that Avengers: Endgame was the most ambitious crossover event in history. Spider-Man: Far From Home lover Justin Bieber and Purpose stan Tom Holland met for the first time over Instagram Live on March 31, and their bonding session was just as wholesome as it seemed. Justin, 26, welcomed Tom, 23, to his Instagram by telling him that he’s a “huge fan,” and thanked him for his kind words about his YouTube docuseries, Seasons. “What’s up, bro. Thank you for saying what you said about my documentary. That meant so much. You’re so awesome, dude,” he said, as Tom flashed him a huge smile, and called him “mate.” Justin was referring to an adorable Q&A Tom did during a press stop for his Pixar movie, Onward, right before the coronavirus pandemic began.

“Justin Bieber, I like what he’s been doing with that show he did on YouTube,” Spidey said during the Q&A. “I really enjoyed that, because it was nice to see someone who goes through it in the biggest way possible also has a hard time. And I just felt like there was a real solidarity for young people going through… nobody goes through it like he does, but we all go through it a little bit. I was just really grateful to see that side of him, I guess. I just really kind of happy that he’s happy. He seems so happy.” And Justin is happy! Well, and a little stir crazy, he told Tom.

“I’m good. Just trying to pass the time. I’m getting a little bored, but I’m good,” the “Yummy” singer said. Justin has been quarantined at home in Canada with wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber, 23, and they’re having plenty of fun together while cooped up. Both Justin and Hailey have posted videos on instagram documenting how they’re spending their days, and it includes lots of kisses, Justin performing shirtless — and Justin pretending the floor is lava.

Tom revealed that he’s “stuck at home” in London after production of his new movie, Uncharted halted, and has been passing his time binge-watching the reality series Alone. He hilariously spent about a minute of their Instagram Live session gushing about how much Justin needs to watch it. Their fans loved every single second of the exchange. “Justin Bieber and Tom Holland interacting is one of the good things this quarantine brought,” one fan tweeted, accompanied by screenshots of the two guys smiling.

“The highlight of my quarantine has been watching tom holland and justin bieber chat on Instagram live,” another fan excitedly wrote. “Tom Holland and Justin Bieber going live together on Instagram. That is the cutest s**t I’ve ever seen.” Another fan just straight up lost it: “OMGGGG THIS IS SOOO CUTEEEE TOM HOLLAND JUSTIN BIEBER HAHAHAH JUST ONE MORE.” Same, girl.