Wendy Williams Disses Lamar Odom & Fiancée Sabrina Parr: ‘Nobody Cares’ About Your New Show

Wendy Williams wasn't impressed with Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr's decision to air their relationship on reality TV -- and thinks fans feel the same! She didn't hold back on night two of 'Wendy @ Home.'

Wendy Williams returned to YouTube for episode two of her new online talk show, Wendy @ Home, on March 24! Just because she’s sitting in the comfort of her home, doesn’t mean the 55-year-old talk show host cut Lamar Odom, 40, and his fiancée, Sabrina Parr, 32, any slack when their new reality television show came up as a “Hot Topic.” Lamar and Sabrina had recently announced their digital series that Hot New Hip Hop will air in Spring of 2020, in partnership with For Us By Us Network — but Wendy wasn’t as pumped as the couple’s fans!

“Lamar and Sabrina, nobody care’s about y’all’s relationship,” Wendy said on her YouTube show. Ouch! She wasn’t done tearing into the couple who surprised fans — Lamar’s 18-year-old son included — with their quick engagement in Nov. 2019. “Sabrina is a life coach but she’s got a whole bunch of arrest pictures at the police precinct,” Wendy continued. Well, Sabrina actually only has one mugshot after being arrested for assault in 2015. Wendy continued, “And Lamar says he’s a sex addict and they say they don’t want to have sex until they get married.” After mentioning Lamar’s kids, Wendy suddenly said, “You know what, I feel dirty doing the story.” As you can see, this work-from-home situation isn’t affecting Wendy’s usual roll of disses!

The talk show host launched her nightly Youtube episodes from her New York City apartment on Monday, March 23. The debut episode featured Wendy giving an update on what she’s been doing while in quarantine, before she covered a limited list of Hot Topics.


It’s unclear if the Wendy will release new episodes Monday-Friday while her daytime talk show is on hiatus amid the coronavirus pandemic. She revealed in episode one that after production on her daytime show was suspended on March 13, the network called her and suggested filming from home.

“I’m taking you for a tour of my apartment, I feel very intruded upon with just doing this right now. But, the show convinced me that, ‘Maybe Wendy while we’re off, reruns aren’t enough,'” she recalled in the beginning of the 15-minute video. Wendy said they settled on filming from home because she refused to leave the house due to COVID-19.

In the days leading up to her youtube show, Wendy teased that she’ll be covering her Hot Topics segment, and “anything I can muster up.” And, she delivered. During episode 1, she even chowed down on a lamb chop lollipop and a soft shell crab, while she sipped on orange juice.

Wendy’s in-house DJ, DJ Boof, also made cameos in both the first and second episodes. She’s promised that there will be more familiar faces to come, despite having a limited film crew. Along with Boof, “Tristan, AJ, & plenty more” will be taping in her apartment, she said in an Instagram post prior to the launch of Wendy @ Home.

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