Celebrity Stylists Tell You How To Best Keep Your Color & Cut Maintained At Home – Expert Tips

Not being able to get to a hair salon during self-isolation can be super stressful but luckily, a celeb colorist & stylist revealed tips for maintaining your color & cut while under quarantine!

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While in self-isolation, it can be hard to keep your hair color and cut in tip-top shape and the thought of keeping up with it yourself may seem stressful. Luckily, hairstylist, Jerome Lordet, and colorist, Giselle, of Pierre Michel Salon in NYC shared tips with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, on maintaining your hair while under quarantine.

For tips on cutting your hair at home, Jerome shared, “If you have long hair and want to get rid of any dead ends you can trim by combing your dry hair (not wet!). Make sure your hair is straight down, parted in the middle and try to follow the lines that are already there, only trim the wispy hairs that are out of place rather than giving yourself a full hair cut as this is not an easy task and I would not recommend for short hair where you can’t see or pull all of your hair in front of you.”

As for how to keep your hair color looking fresher for longer at home, Giselle shared two easy-to-follow steps.
1. “Always use shampoos and conditioners that specify they’re for color-treated hair.
2. “Shampoo every other day instead of each day to keep color life going a little longer. You can use a dry shampoo in between washes like Cleo + Coco to absorb excess oil and boost volume.”

Hairstylists Jerome Lordet & Giselle, of Pierre Michel Salon, shared tips with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, to maintaining hair color at home. (Shutterstock)

For maintaining your own at home hair color, Giselle revealed two tips:
1. “Choose a color within 1-2 shades of your own natural hair color and don’t try to mix colors and get creative. Leave that to the professionals.
2. “It’s better to choose a color a little lighter than you think because boxed hair color usually comes out darker. Also, leave highlighting to the professionals!”