Wendy Williams Confesses She’s ‘Abstaining From Sex’ During New At Home Talk Show 

How you doin'? Wendy Williams is back and earlier than expected! The host, who suspended live production on her daytime talk show due to COVID-19 concerns, launched talk show series from her NYC apartment on March 23!

Wendy Williams is connecting with her co-hosts (aka her Wendy Show watchers) through Youtube amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The outspoken host, 55, kicked off a new talk show series, “Wendy @ Home” on Monday night, after teasing it on her Instagram in the days leading up to it. Wendy @ Home follows a similar, more casual show-run (if that’s possible) while the host is in quarantine in her New York City apartment.

While her Youtube show doesn’t have all the bells and whistles her daytime show has, Wendy “Hot Topics” segment is still wilder than ever. Earlier this week, she appeared on a pre-taped episode of Dr. Oz, where she spoke with the medical expert about social distancing, relationships and sex during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wendy mentioned that she was staying away from sex and other “bodily fluids” during the global health crisis.

The single host, who is actively dating, continued her discussion about her stance on sex amid coronavirus during Wendy @ Home. “When I went to Dr. Oz, one of the things I talked to him about, I was like, ‘Dr. Oz, what do single people, including me, do about sex?’ Because as much as a wanted woman as I am, I’m not thinking about that,” Wendy said in her debut episode. “I don’t want anybody over here. I think condoms are something random. You know, what about the sweat and the shower?”

Wendy went on to recall that Dr. Oz suggested abstinence as a good idea during this time.

“I was like Oz, you got your wife Lisa, what about the rest of us out here?” she recalled asking. “He ended up saying, ‘You know what? Hold out. It’ll be over soon,’” Wendy explained.

Wendy initially teased her new series with a cartoon photo of her meditating on Instagram on March 22.

“I’m trying to stay calm. I walked downstairs & stepped in throw up! I know EXACTLY who did it! Myway loves to play with rubber bands & there was a rubber band mix in which means she swallowed! I keep telling them this is not the time to act a fool. Btw I’m gonna start YouTube tmrw evening❤❤️❤️,” Wendy wrote. She used the hashtags, “#socialdistancing #meditation” and “#calm.”

(Photo credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram) 

Leading up to its release, Wendy shared more information about Wendy @ Home, noting that some familiar faces would be part of the new project.

(Photo credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram) 

“Something is about to happen tonight 6pm-ish NY time,” Wendy captioned a photo of her and DJ Boof, her in-house talk show DJ. “Boofy, Tristan, AJ, & plenty more have tried to social distance but we’re bored like you so I hope you like new WENDY content on YouTube!” she continued, using the hashtag, “#socialdistancing.”

The Wendy Show suspended production on March 13 due to coronavirus outbreak. The host confirmed the news on Twitter and noted that the network will air reruns and “monitor the situation with the CDC and city officials to determine the best to return and produce love shows again.”

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