‘Teen Mom OG’: The Moms Unite For Amber’s Court Appearance Before Andrew Shades Her

Even though Amber's court appearance went in her favor during the March 24 episode of 'Teen Mom OG', Andrew told producers that she's not 'mentally stable'.

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The March 24 episode of Teen Mom OG was an emotional one, as Catelynn, Maci and Cheyenne visited Amber to support her during her first court hearing. While they shared some laughs and a few hugs beforehand, not everything happy-go-lucky. To be honest, Amber did her best to hold back tears when she faced off against her ex, Andrew Glennon, in court so she could regain visitation rights with her son, James. Catelynn offered support by holding Amber’s hand when they first saw Andrew, and afterwards, Amber revealed how she couldn’t believe that Andrew wasn’t as upset as her about what was going on. Maci, however, said it was because he’s a “narcissist”.

Fortunately, a judge ruled in Amber’s favor and said she’d be allowed to see her son despite what was going on between her and Andrew, as well as their current legal battle. And because MTV “always” allows two sides of a story to be told, producer Larry Musnik offered Andrew a chance to share his experience through what was going on. But Andrew wasn’t willing to do it for free. In fact, he told Larry that he would need to get paid “as much as” everyone else on the show since he’s “going through hell” right now. He also told Larry that he doesn’t believe Amber is “mentally stable” and it’s not his job to make sure she is. In the end, MTV revealed that Andrew would not be sharing his side of the story, so we can only assume they didn’t cater to his unruly salary demand.

Meanwhile, Maci let Bentley go golfing with Ryan, but when Bentley started getting upset about losing, Ryan argued a bit with him. It was definitely awkward, and while we understand why Ryan was explaining how the game should be played, his delivery was a bit too harsh, if you ask us.

Later, Cory told Cheyenne that her priorities are not on Ryder, and she bugged out on him. He wouldn’t say where her priorities seem to be at the moment, but one can only assume he was talking about her romance with Matt and the fact that they may be moving in together in the near future.

Finally, Mackenzie threw a birthday party for Gannon, and Josh only stayed for a little bit of it. He didn’t even stay long enough for the cake and to see Gannon blow out his candles, so that upset Mackenzie, and she later told her sister that she should have never married Josh. She expressed strong interest in getting a divorce and said she only married Josh to benefit Gannon.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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