‘Stumptown’ Preview: Dex Learns New Information About Benny’s Death — Watch

Dex is stunned when she learns that she was 'wrongfully informed' about what she was told about Benny's death in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'Stumptown.'

Jeremy, one of Dex’s former clients, introduces Dex to Major Elders in this EXCLUSIVE preview and he has some additional insight into Benny’s death. “You were told the explosives were stolen by the Taliban, specifically by someone you had in custody?” Major Elders asks Dex, who replies, “Yes, sir.” He tells her that she was “wrongfully informed” about that.

Major Elders has learned from Jeremy that Dex blames herself for the attack that killed Benny, but he wants her to know it wasn’t her fault. The bomb signature on the IED matched a wildcat assassination team and Benny’s humvee was “targeted erroneously.”

This is all so hard for Dex to wrap her head around. She wants to see the file about Benny’s death. “None of this makes any sense,” Dex says in disbelief. “If Benny was targeted erroneously why is classified top secret?” she asks. Major Elders sees that Dex is getting upset and fears he said too much. Jeremy says Major Elders is going through a lot of trouble to get Dex closure. But now Dex wants answers and she’s going to get them.

“They’re covering it up,” Dex tells Major Elders. “What really happened, Major? Tell me.”

The synopsis for the March 18 episode reads: “Dex’s former client Jeremy introduces her to Major Elders who has intel on Benny’s death. Dex, suspicious of the information and looking for answers, investigates a potential cover-up involving Benny’s unit in Afghanistan. Elsewhere, Hoffman and his partner, Lee, work closely on a sting operation that shockingly involves a familiar face. Meanwhile, Grey’s newfound relationship with his father is tested.” Stumptown airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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