Reese Witherspoon Says She Has ‘Renewed Hope’ After Harvey Weinstein Sentencing

Reese Witherspoon joined the many voices sharing her thoughts on the 'historical moment' that saw convicted rapist, Harvey Weinstein, sentenced to 23 years in prison.

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So many people rejoiced in the 23-year sentencing of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, 67, on March 11. Adding her voice to the swell of women, victims, and allies airing their reactions was Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon. The actress, 43, took to Twitter on the day of Harvey’s sentencing sharing it was “A historical moment today. I am so appreciative of the women and men who spoke up about the abuse and harassment they suffered at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.”

Continuing her Twitter thread, Witherspoon confessed that “This gives me renewed hope in the US justice system that due process works, survivors will be believed, and justice will be served.” Before closing out her statement, Witherspoon extended her immense gratitude to the brave souls who made Weinstein’s conviction possible. “Thank you to all of the journalists and publications who persisted in telling survivors stories, despite constant pushback and threats, and brought this story to the light.” Along with her message, she tagged The New York TimesThe New Yorker, investigative journalist Ronan Farrow, and authors of the book She Said Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.

Weinstein was sentenced on Wednesday, March 11, two weeks after he was found guilty of third degree rape and criminal sexual assault in the first degree. As a major catalyst of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, roughly ninety women came forward alleging that Weinstein had raped, sexually harassed, assaulted, or abused them throughout his career as a film producer. With today a major victory for victims of those sexual crimes, Weinstein still faces separate charges in Los Angeles from two unidentified women who accused him of attacking them one day apart in February 2013.

On the day of his sentencing, many of his victims and their allies took to Twitter to add their voices and reactions to the situation. Actress Asia Argento tweeted, “Justice at last. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE LOS ANGELES TRIAL – XXIII years in prison. thank you to all the brave women who are helping to change the world.” Oscar winner Mira Sorvino also reacted to the watershed verdict, “23 years. Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for his crimes of rape and sexual assault. I literally cried tears of amazement, gratitude that the justice system has worked on behalf of all of his victims today.”

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