Naomi Campbell Rocks White Hazmat Suit & Face Mask Amidst Coronavirus Fears: ‘Safety First’

Just a face mask wouldn't do. Instead, Naomi Campbell guarded herself against the coronavirus in a hooded hazmat suit, gloves and more while catching a flight (not germs) at the Los Angeles International Airport on March 10.

Naomi Campbell
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If you thought Naomi Campbell‘s airplane sanitation routine was intense, the 49-year-old supermodel just outdid herself. On March 10, Naomi showed up to the Los Angeles International Airport covered head-to-toe in a hooded white hazmat suit, which nicely complemented her white suitcase. The safety precautions didn’t end there; she also wore pink latex gloves and a face mask. Naomi even rocked plastic glasses, not too far off from the kind high school students wear to stay safe in science classrooms!

“Safety First NEXT LEVEL,” Naomi captioned the photo. Apparently, a behind-the-scenes look at this airport look will be hitting the Internet soon. Naomi thanked fellow supermodel Linda Evangelista, 54, in her caption and then teased, “Full video coming on my YouTube soon.”

The last time Naomi uploaded an airport-related video, she revealed her pre-departure routine that would make any germophobe proud. Naomi takes disinfectant wipes, puts on plastic gloves and proceeds to thoroughly scrub her airplane seat, tray and anything nearby that could’ve been touched by a past passenger. After the process, Naomi takes out a new seat cover (she purchases one every week) and places it over her seat. “I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better,” Naomi declared in the video. The model didn’t need the coronavirus to scare her into practicing safe hygiene!

It appears that hazmat suits are starting to trend! Howie Mandel, also famous for his intense fear of germs, also rocked the suit normally worn by medics while arriving to the set of America’s Got Talent on March 10. While other celebrities are wearing face masks and calling it a day — which the CDC doesn’t actually recommend to non-infected people — the fear is strong, regardless.

On the same day Naomi visited the airport in her anti-virus outfit, it was announced that both Coachella weekends would be postponed to October (an unprecedented move for the April festival). Over 100,000 worldwide cases of COVID-19 — the respiratory disease caused by the new strain of coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China — have now been reported, the World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom announced on March 9.

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