JoJo Siwa Teases ‘Worldwide Party Remix’ Vid & Promises Tour Will Be ‘Bigger & Better Than Before’

JoJo Siwa fans, are you ready to party?! We have an exclusive look at JoJo’s new 'Worldwide Party Remix' video before it drops tomorrow!

While you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow at 3 PM ET/12:00 PT for JoJo Siwa’s highly anticipated music video for “Worldwide Party Remix,” we have a quick clip to hold you over! In it, JoJo’s gathering her gang from far and wide to come dance and party with her. “Worldwide Party is one of my favorite songs to perform on tour. My fans love it so I had to remix it!” JoJo told HL, exclusively. “No matter where you are in the world, no matter what language you speak, it is all a worldwide party!”
Sounds fun, right?! Well, luckily you’re invited, too, because JoJo’s tour is kicking off Next week! The bow mogul’s D.R.E.A.M. tour continues it’s next leg on March 11 in Colorado Springs and will return to many cities including New York, where she will headline the legendary venue Madison Square Garden. “My 2020 tour is going to be bigger and better than before – bigger and better costumes, bigger and better props!  Even if you’ve seen my show before, you haven’t seen it like this,” JoJo exclaimed.
“For me, it’s just so fun. I have a blast on tour,” JoJo told HL about her decision to extend the tour. “When Nickelodeon and AEG wanted me to do more. I was like, obviously the answer is going to be yes. I would never say no! It’s so much fun every single day.” While you might be wondering how JoJo Siwa does it all, from her vlogging to her merch line to her tour, she credits “a lot of ramen noodles” for getting her through! “That’s not a secret. I eat a lot of ramen noodles on tour. It’s how I stay so happy,” she laughed.
JoJo also gushed over her huge posse of fans, who know every move and every lyric, and also lock to rock her massive bow collection! “My fans are the most amazing people in the world. And I know people say that, but truly, they are. Some of my fans are so young, I don’t even think that they know that they are the most awesome people ever!” she gushed. “It’s really cool to me that I have that impact on the little, little kids. The first thing I really loved was Hannah Montana, and now I’m that for some kids. It’s just crazy.”
Speaking of Hannah Montana, JoJo got to meet her hero, Miley Cyrus, just the other day and shared the special moment on Instagram! “Miley Cyrus is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing today,” she wrote under a photo of herself and Miley together. “Today I met Miley and had the best conversation of my life with her. This is a day I never thought would happen. And now a day I will never forget.”

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