‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Top Theories About How Alex Karev’s Story Ends

'Grey's Anatomy' will be bidding farewell to the beloved Alex Karev during the March 5 episode. There are multiple scenarios as to how Alex will be written off, so we're rounding up the top theories before all our questions are answered.

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Justin Chambers
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Alex Karev has been missing for a number of Grey’s Anatomy episodes, much to every fan’s dismay. When Alex first left Seattle, he apparently told Jo he was going to care for his mother in Iowa. In the most recent episode, Jo discovered that Alex has been lying to her this whole time. His mother hasn’t seen Alex. The March 5 episode will finally reveal what happened to Alex Karev. Given that Alex has been totally MIA, there are a number of ways his characters could be written off.

From the promo for Alex’s “goodbye” episode, it appears that the episode is going to be a heartbreaking one. “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera is playing and it only adds to the well of emotions we’re already feeling. A “goodbye” episode could mean so many different things. This “goodbye” could mean that we will never see Alex Karev again or it could mean it’s just a “goodbye” for now.

Let’s start with the most tragic theories. Alex could have been killed in a tragic accident or committed suicide and no one has been able to reach his loved ones. Granted, the show has killed off a number of characters in tragic accidents — George, Derek, Mark, Lexie, etc. — so another death seems a bit implausible. But with Grey’s Anatomy, you never truly know what to expect. Could Meredith really handle another death of a loved one? She could… but that would be pushing things too far.

One popular theory that’s gained traction is that Alex is with Izzie. Remember, Izzie froze her eggs after getting cancer and Alex fertilized them. Jo found out about those frozen embryos in season 12 and confronted Alex about it. The frozen embryos haven’t been talked about since nor has Izzie been seen since season 6. She’s been mentioned a few times but nothing substantial. Izzie could have had her and Alex’s baby using one of the frozen embryos or used a surrogate. Alex could have found out about his kid and went to wherever Izzie is to be a part of his child’s life. If this is true, then Alex should have let Jo know about what was going on, but considering that this is life-altering news and a lot to take in, Alex may have needed time to adjust. This theory would give the Alex and Izzie fans the semi-reunion they’ve been waiting for. But this would mean even more heartbreak for Jo.

Alex’s family does have a history of mental illness so he could be battling something he doesn’t want anyone to know about yet. He could be in treatment and can’t contact anyone. The other plausible theory is that Alex is just off doing his own thing. Maybe he got bored and annoyed by the Seattle rain and the drama. Maybe he’s had an epiphany and wants to travel the world or something. Let’s hope his “goodbye” episode is a satisfying conclusion to his character and one that leaves it open for his return. Alex Karev deserves that. Grey’s Anatomy season 16 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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