Chris Brown: How He Feels About 50 Cent Dissing His Rainbow Hair & Working On A New Song Together

After 50 Cent took a shot at Chris Brown's pink and blue hair, we learned if Breezy now has 'beef' with his past collaborator!

Chris Brown, 50 Cent
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50 Cent’s not the biggest fan of Chris Brown’s Harley Quinn-esque hair, but Breezy can roll with the punches. “Chris saw 50’s Instagram post and of course he knows 50 was playing around when he threw shade at his hair,” a source EXCLUSIVELY reveals to HollywoodLife. 50, famous for sparing no mercy to celebrities across Instagram, aimed his trolling at Chris on March 2 when he shared a photo of the R&B singer’s new pink and blue hair. “Im a need you on this record, 👀but what da f–k you do to your hair blood.LOL,” 50 had captioned the photo.
“That’s the nature of their friendship and they’ve always had this playful banter between each other,” our source now explains. “Chris and 50 have been friends for years and there’s no beef between them whatsoever.” So, that also means future collaborations aren’t off the table! “Chris also knows that despite the shade they have a mutual respect for each other when it comes to making music and he would definitely consider working on new music with 50 again, because Chris knows they always drop hits,” our source adds. Chris has lent his smooth vocals to 50’s 2016 track “I’m The Man,” as well as his other 2016 track “No Romeo No Juliet.”
Don’t expect the jokes to end! “Chris and 50 are boys and they have mutual respect for each other. 50 knows he can joke with Chris because he can take it and give it back when need be,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “50 is looking forward to working with Chris in the future and will continue to joke with him about his hair or anything else, it’s all playful in nature and Chris knows that. 50 isn’t worried about what others might think because he and Chris are cool.”
50 Cent, Chris Brown
50 Cent dissed Chris Brown’s pink and blue hair makeover on March 2, 2020. (Instagram/@50cent)
Chris Brown
50 Cent wasn’t impressed with Chris Brown’s half pink, half blue ‘do! (Shutterstock)
Nothing 50 dishes out should be taken personally, considering that he spares no one. Shortly after poking fun at Chris’ colorful hair makeover, he even took a playful jab at none other than Oprah, 66, after the iconic talk show host took a tumble on the stage at the WW: Presents Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus event on Feb. 29. “What the f–k happen here? Michael Jackson’s ghost [tripped] her,” the rapper wrote under a video clip of the fall. Sometimes, though, 50 inserts himself into messier situations online, such as the feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon!

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