Justin Bieber Pranks David Beckham On ‘Ellen’ With Epic Scare — Watch

While David Beckham was talking to Ellen about famous friend Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer popped out of nowhere and scared the soccer superstar!

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David Beckham doesn’t scare easily! The 44-year-old British sporting legend barely flinched when Justin Bieber, 26, jumped out to scare him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The former soccer star appeared on the March 4 episode, and sat down with Ellen to talk about his friendship with the Canadian crooner. The father-of-four recounted a story about how, at his children’s urging, he contacted Justin on Halloween when the “Yummy” singer was giving away snow cones. “We all follow Justin on Instagram, of course,” David began. “And we’re all fans and we all love him. And it’s coming to the end of our night of trick-or-treating. The kids have had far too much candy and enjoyed themselves a lot. And on the way back, Romeo turns around to me and he said, ‘Justin’s…giving snow cones away….’ So, I DM’ed him and he got back within, like, seconds…so we went straight ‘round there. Turned up. And, yeah, we all got snow cones.” Justin then jumped out of the box next to Beckham, letting out a massive scream. “Sorry, they wanted me to do it. I gotta go,” he said, before giving him a hug and running off stage. Although it was a surprise, David was totally calm and collected, laughing off the funny prank.

Still laughing, David turned to Ellen and said, “Oh man, I really didn’t think that was gonna happen.” Neither did we! Despite just being scared by “Intentions” crooner, the former L.A. Galaxy star had nothing but kind words to say about him. “Do you know what? I know you all love him, but he’s the most amazing human being. He really is. He really is. For someone to achieve what he has achieved and still be an amazing person and to be doing what he’s doing.” While talking to the audience, he added, “You know, I always gauge it off of how people are to kids—and to my kids—and he has been so kind to my kids over the years. It’s, you know, it’s great to see him. Great to see him back.”

David also talked to Ellen about his Modern Family cameo, which aired in January. “I’ve become friends with Eric [Stonestreet] from going to the Kings games and he mentioned it to me a few weeks before,” David said, adding, “I played myself, so it wasn’t that difficult.” He made the cameo with Friends star Courtney Cox, who was also playing herself. In their scene, the pair approach Stephen Merchant‘s character Higgins, to ask for help ahead of a celebrity bowling tournament that they’re joining. “Myself and Courteney are expecting a bowling instructor, would you have them meet us at the bowling alley please?” Beckham asks in the episode, showing off his acting chops.

justin bieber
Justin Bieber pranks David Beckham on Ellen. Image: Youtube/TheEllenShow

Justin also made an appearance on Ellen this week, playing a game called “Burning Questions” on the March 3 episode. When asked, “How many kids do you want to have?” Justin didn’t provide a number, but he had an even better answer.“I think it’s up to Hailey because it’s her body,” Justin answered. We stan a feminist husband!

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