John Mulaney Makes Return To ‘SNL’ With Hilarious ‘Sound Of Music’ Sketch — Watch

John Mulaney is back at Studio 8H! The former 'SNL' staffer didn't disappoint with yet another epic music sketch -- this time inspired by the iconic 'The Sound Of Music'!

We are so happy to see John Mulaney, 37, back on Saturday Night Live! The comedian brought his A-game once again as Rolf Gruber in this interpretation of The Sound of Music and we were laughing the entire time. Age is seemingly just a number to John’s Rolf in this truncated version, which also featured longtime cast member Cecily Strong as Liesl von Trapp. “I’m only 19, I know I’m that naive…the fellows that meet me tell me I’m sweet and willingly I believe,” she sings, noting that her beau Rolf is “17, going on 18.” John’s Rolf quickly corrects her to note that he’s actually 33 and that he lied about his age. “You’re 33? But you ride a bicycle and you live with your mother?” Liesl inquires, as Rolf declares that their romance is, indeed, “statutory.” In the original film, Rolf is the Austrian delivery boy who falls madly in love von Trapp daughter Liesl, only to later betray her to join the Nazi party.

“It’s a pretty big age difference, and rumors say that you’re also a Nazi,” Lisel then says. “Don’t be dramatic…trust me I know what guys like,” John’s Rolf retorts, putting his arm around a concerned Liesl — who admits she’s only 16 years old. “And I am 38, I’ve had some birthdays since we started talking,” Rolf then sings, explaining that, “I am 33, next month I’ll be 39, maybe I’m 41” and age should really be the last of Liesl’s worries in 1939 Austria. “I just don’t know how I feel about dating an older guy!” Liesl notes, adding that she does indeed “like attention.” The duos conversation is then interrupted by her father Gaylord, who seemingly has a wandering eye of his own! John and Cecily’s throwback costumes fit perfectly with the sketch — which included John rocking a blonde wig — as did the set, which reflected the gazebo from the original film!

Anticipation has been building for John’s return all week on social media, including with some hilarious promos! In one, John reunites with his off-screen buddy Pete Davidson, 26. “What’s going on here, Pete? Show me your eyes,” John demands, interrupting a yogi-meditation session between Pete and an instructor. “Wow, they’re clear!” a surprised John adds. “I’m meditating,” Pete explained. “I’m getting sleep, I had a dream for the first time last week…things are great.” The topic quickly changed to John noting he wants to quit smoking by trying a vape, and warning Pete that there’s “paparazzi outside.”

Over John’s original five-year run on the show, he was responsible for some of SNL‘s most iconic sketches — including several starring actor Bill Hader. One included Bill starring as an elderly news anchor named Welch — who seemingly has something to say about anyone who isn’t another old white guy. Bill also iconically played Stefon, a gay nightclub promoter who made a habit of appearing on “Weekend Update.” Stefon became an on-going character on the show, who eventually married Seth Myers (so he says) and is an expert on a variety of eccentric topics, including Jewish Dracula’s.

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