Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Off Vocal Range As ‘Guy In Pyjamas’ On ‘SNL’ Skit With John Mulaney

Jake Gyllenhaal surprised 'SNL' viewers with an unexpected appearance in this hilarious musical skit alongside host John Mulaney and musical guest David Byrne!

Jake Gyllenhaal, 39, just owned tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live! The actor unexpectedly appeared towards the end of the John Mulaney hosted episode in a musical sketch taking place at a very interesting version of NYC’s LaGuardia airport. During the skit, different actors — including Pete Davidson — popped in as various characters you might encounter at an airport. Jake, however, took the cake as the “guy who travels in pyjamas” (side note: there’s nothing wrong with being cozy on a long flight). Apparently, Jake doesn’t travel just for comfort but so “TSA can have easy access” to his body. Well, then!

The actor then broke into a hilarious musical number, and we had no idea he could sing like that! “So if you come to search me, I’ll spread my legs real wide,” Jake sang, getting even spicier in the next line! “I’ll even bend over for you and you can take a peek inside,” he added as he then began literally flying above the stage! The sketch then took on some inspiration from Wicked‘s Elphaba, iconically played by Idina Menzel. Seemingly, Jake’s “guy in pyjamas” seems to very much love getting searched by airport staff for reasons other than safety. “You can tell that I enjoy security. You can search way up in my cavity. You can pat me down. You don’t have to use the front of your hands,” he continued — perhaps this is a little TMI?

“Okay, Jesus — we get it. You can continue onto Cleveland now,” John Mulaney’s airport staffer announced. As Jake flies up and away, a United Airlines attendant returned with an announcement that the group’s flight has a new gate that is much further away. “It’s physically impossible for you to make that gate in time, and the plane will leave indeed leave empty — thank you!” the announcement continued. Bowen Yang then appeared with a face mask on, as the others quickly bolted away due to Coronavirus concerns (he also wanted to let us know that he was not in the Oscar winning film Parasite)

“Man, this airport is its own world!” Chris Redd‘s passenger appropriately noted. “Yes, a third world,” John hilariously retorted. Just when the sketch couldn’t get anymore epic, musical guest David Byrne waltzed in as the “baggage handler who tosses everyone’s suitcases into Long Island Sound.” The former Talking Heads frontman seemingly has been around the airport for some time, informing viewers if they hang around long enough, they’ll “learn the mysteries of LaGuardia” — intriguing!

Jake Gyllenhaal & John Mulaney
Jake Gyllenhaal rocks a blue striped pair of pyjamas for his unexpected appearance on ‘SNL’! (NBC)

David then lead the group into a second musical number that was just as hilarious as Jake’s! “We’re on a plane to nowhere, come on inside,” the entire group began singing. Jake — still flying high above the stage — also returned! “They say it’s about to take off, that is a lie,” they continued singing as they all marched right off the stage!

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