LeBron James Chows Down On Red Vines After Epic 40-Point Game & Fans Are Cracking Up

Fans were quite surprised to learn that LeBron James is a big fan of Red Vines candy, which he proved by eating the sweet treat after playing an incredible game for the L.A. Lakers on Feb. 25.

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LeBron James scored a season high 40 points when the Los Angeles Lakers played the New Orleans Pelicans on Feb. 25. However, his incredible gameplay isn’t the only thing that fans are talking about one day later. Rather, fans can’t stop buzzing about the fact that LeBron was seen eating Red Vines candy on the bench afterward! Video shows the basketball star chowing down on a piece of the red candy, with sweat still dripping down his face from the intense game. He stuffed several in his mouth as he watched what was happening on the court as he took a breather.

The discussion sparked quite a debate afterward, with fans bantering about whether or not Red Vines are actually a good candy, and others debating whether or not the sweet treat is better than Twizzlers. Shaquille O’Neal even got in on the discussion during the post-game show, saying, “White guys call it Red Vines, black people call it Twizzlers.” The video of LeBron’s Red Vines eating session went viral on Twitter after it surfaced on television screens, and fans are still talking about it the next morning!

With LeBron’s epic scoring spree, the Lakers went onto beat the Pelicans 118-109. It was a fairly monumental game, as it was the first time that LeBron played against the Pelicans’ rookie star, Zion Williamson. “The kid’s special,” LeBron admitted after the game. “We all know that, and every game is going to be another opportunity for him to get better, a learning experience for him.”

Despite the 35-year-old’s amazing game and carefree attitude about Red Vines, though, fans know that it’s been a difficult few weeks for LeBron. He has been extremely affected by the death of fellow Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, and has been privately and publicly mourning him since his passing on Jan. 26.

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