Cardi B Shares Her Support For Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union’s Transgender Child Zaya

Cardi B is giving her love to Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's transgender daughter Zaya. She says Zaya was 'born this way' and is happy that she can live her life without having to hide her true identity.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union got so much support from celebrities and fans for the loving and sensitive way that they revealed D-Wade’s 12-year-old son Zion is now a transgender girl named Zaya. She’s finally able to live her truth out in the open now, and Dwyane and Gabrielle are so proud of her. Rapper Cardi B is giving Zaya props, saying that transgender people are born that way. And by sharing their truth, it allows them to live a life free without the burden of keeping their true selves a secret.

In a Feb. 21 Instagram live, Cardi referred to the 38-year-old retired NBA star saying in a Good Morning America interview that Zaya knew from the age of three that she was a girl who was born the wrong gender. “When did you know that you wanted to change? And they said I always felt like I was a girl, like I was born like this,” Cardi began.

“People are born like that. Like the Lady Gaga song I was born this way that sh*t is f**ing real. And I know a lot of people are old school. Because you know things, some people are old-school because the parents the grandparents that raised them, or the area that they grew up in. A  lot of people don’t grow up with trans, gay people, this and that. They just don’t,” Cardi continued. “So you know I understand that they just don’t be understanding certain sh*t, but please try to understand. Because sometimes you will be wanting people to understand you. So try to understand somebody else. Especially when it is a child,” referring to Zaya.

Then she defended Dwyane and Gabrielle’s decision to make Zaya’s gender identity public. “A lot of people kept saying, ‘oh why are they putting their kid’s business out there? If you don’t want people giving an opinion about your kid you shouldn’t put their business out there.’ Well let’s say they would’ve kept it a secret? Y’all would’ve been saying, ‘I think his son is gay. I think his son is gay. Oh my gosh I think his son is gay,'” Cardi explained.

“When you hold a secret, it just feels like such a burden. You might as well be free and let it out. And while you are free and letting it out and telling the truth, why not educate. Why not educate. That’s how I feel,” Cardi added. “Speak your truth. Speak it and educate.”

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