‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: DeLuca’s Behavior Worries Meredith & The Alex Mystery Continues

DeLuca went head-to-head with Meredith during the Feb. 20 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' and Meredith reached out to Alex for help. Plus, Amelia made a decision about her relationship with Link.

Grey's Anatomy
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DeLuca’s patient Suzanne is currently on zero medication and she’s suffering big time. DeLuca witnesses what’s going on first-hand but Dr. Riley notes they need the diagnosis. As he awaits answers, DeLuca gets more and more stressed. Meredith notices. She urges DeLuca to get some rest but he resists. Meredith confronts Dr. Riley about DeLuca but Dr. Riley thinks DeLuca’s determination is going to help solve Suzanne’s medical mystery.

Maggie checks in on Amelia, who is not doing so well in the wake of her baby daddy drama. Maggie calls out sick to be by Amelia’s side. Amelia tells Maggie about the Link and Owen situation. She’s still so upset over it all. Maggie is brutally honest with her friend. “If I were Link, I would want to know,” Maggie says. She knows that he’s probably terrified of what this could mean for Owen and Amelia’s relationship if the baby is Owen’s. Maggie comforts Amelia as she cries.

Jo is still freaking about MIA Alex. Link is trying to figure out the right thing to do about the Amelia situation. Jo starts to rant and reveals Owen and Amelia’s fight about having kids in the past and Amelia’s brain tumor. Link admits that he still doesn’t know what to do regarding Owen and Teddy. The reason why Jo’s paranoia about Alex is off the charts is because of the bear couple that’s been admitted.

Turns out, the woman who was attacked by a bear during Station 19 is having an affair and her husband got his nose ripped off by jumping in front of a bear for her. Awkward. She wants to tell him that she reconnected with an ex from high school but doesn’t know how to. When Jo comes in to talk, the other man tells her, “I’m so in love with her that I don’t care who gets hurt. I just don’t want it to be me.” Almost simultaneously, the woman’s husband flatlines and dies. Jo is forced to tell the wife and she is devastated. The wife tells her boyfriend to leave.

Jo calls Alex after this emotional situation. “I need you to call me,” she says over the phone. She wants to know what’s going on, no matter what’s going on. “I would jump in front of a bear for you, Alex,” she says.

Carina, who got flirty with Maya at the bar, warns Meredith that DeLuca may be suffering from mania. The evidence she gives Meredith is convincing enough for Meredith to go to Bailey. She admits she’s worried about DeLuca. Bailey brings DeLuca in to tell him that Meredith is taking over Suzanne’s case. He tries to fight Bailey on it but she doesn’t budge.

Later, Riley and DeLuca figure out what’s wrong with Suzanne. They don’t have much time to save her. DeLuca and Riley go directly to Suzanne’s room and DeLuca is ready to administer the medication and Meredith tells him to step away. He doesn’t and Meredith is pissed. She pulls him aside and he ends up storming off. Riley defends DeLuca’s decision. Meredith talks to DeLuca, who is still angry at her. He thinks she’s taking all the credit. Meredith is a little taken aback by DeLuca’s behavior. “You are not acting like yourself,” she says.

DeLuca goes off on Meredith and calls her a hypocrite. He begins to scream at her in front of everyone. “You sound like your father,” Meredith says. DeLuca snaps back, “I don’t need this and I don’t need you. So we’re done. I’m done.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Nico’s parents are coming to town. Levi wants to meet Nico’s parents but Nico isn’t thrilled about it. He admits that he hasn’t even told his parents that he’s gay. After his shift is over, Link goes to see Amelia. Maggie is there to intercept. Amelia walks down the steps and says she’s not going to get the test results. She tells Link that she wants someone who is going to love her and this baby no matter what the test results say. “Go home, Link. We’re over,” she says. Link leaves in a huff.

The episode ends with Meredith texting Alex. “Where are you. I need you,” she writes. It looks like he’s going to write back but he doesn’t respond.

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