Kailyn Lowry Is ‘100% Done’ With Ex Chris Lopez: There’s ‘No Chance’ They’ll Ever Reconcile

Kailyn Lowry has been feuding with Chris Lopez, the father of her son Lux, and a source close to the pregnant ‘Teen Mom 2’ star tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she has no plans to stop.

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Kailyn Lowry Chris Lopez Not Getting Back Together
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Kailyn Lowry didn’t hold back when she took to Twitter on Feb. 14 to slam Chris Lopez, the father of her third son. The 27-year-old tweeted, “Imagine not doing sh*t for your child & getting their name tattooed on your face in 2020,” That same day Chris posted an Instagram photo with their two-year-old son’s name “Lux” inked on the left side of his forehead. The pair have a very complicated relationship.  In spite of not being a couple, he’s claiming to be the father of her unborn child — something Kailyn has yet to confirm herself. But — even if he is the father of her fourth child — a source close to the pregnant reality star tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she’s never going to take him back. 

“Kailyn has every right to be mad at Chris, he has let her down so many times,” the source told HL.  “But what is worse is that he’s let Lux down, that is what really infuriates her. He hasn’t stepped up as far as helping with Lux and she has zero expectation at this point that he will. The tattoo adds insult to injury because he is walking around trying to act like he’s this great dad, it’s such B.S. She’s glad she called him out and she will continue to do so.”

“They had a very toxic relationship that she had a pattern of slipping back into but Kailyn is done, she says no chance will she ever get with him again. She’s 100 percent done.” 

The issues between Kailyn and Chris haven’t stopped him from making promises to his future offspring. On Feb. 4 to he posted  a “letter to [his] unborn child,” which seems to be his way of confirming that he’s the father of Kailyn’s unborn baby. Kailyn announced her pregnancy on the morning of Feb. 4, and Chris posted his message, a quote from A.J. Brown, just hours later. “I pray you get to know real love and real friendship,” the post read. “I pray you never have to feel your heart aching in your chest as you hold yourself at night. I pray you never question your worth at the hands of a lover that doesn’t know any better. I hope this world never hardens your heart and you always know the difference between what is real and what is nothing more than an illusion of paradise. I want you to be fearless and true to yourself first and foremost all the days of your life.”

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