Drew Barrymore, 44, Shows Off Intense Workouts & Reveals She Lost 20 Lbs — Before & After Pics

Drew Barrymore is feeling like her 'best self' in a series of images she shared to Instagram where she praised her personal trainer for helping her lose 20 lbs.!

drew barrymore
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Image Credit: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock

Drew Barrymore couldn’t look happier or feel healthier than in her inspiring Instagram post she made on Feb. 18. In the series of videos and images, the actress, 44, documented her rigorous workout routine with her trainer, Marnie Alton. One video even featured Drew focusing on her plank, as she dripped sweat, proving the hard work she was putting in to shed some pounds. A number of images were also photos of poems and affirmations, reminding Drew of the hard work she was putting in to achieve her ideal body. More than anything, Drew was so grateful to Marnie for being her “long time teacher and dear important friend.”

The Scream star’s caption to her post went further into how her personal trainer had helped her achieve her goals. Drew explained that Marnie had “helped me. Healed me. Encouraged me to keep going when I felt like being strong was an insurmountable task.” Drew also revealed that the pair had known each other for roughly 15 years, forming a strong bond that laid the foundation for encouragement Drew needed in her weight-loss journey. “I lost 20 pounds and trained like a mother,” Drew said of making her lifestyle change. But Drew’s healthy journey was about more than what was on the outside.

“It’s not all about being terminators,” Drew ensured her fans. “It’s about how to find yourself. How to be your best self.” Of course, Drew admitted that she couldn’t have done it all on her own. “But we need guidance and we hope our teachers are smart and wise and sane,” she confessed, adding in her last few sentences of her caption, “Marnie is one of the greats. Period.”

drew barrymore
Drew Barrymore Before Image [Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock].
Drew Barrymore is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood. Not only has she been a part of amazing projects, Drew has put in the work at the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work toward her fitness goals. Fans love to see Drew thriving and embracing this chapter of her life. More importantly, her followers are so encouraged to see her authentically showing the work she puts in to achieve and maintain her ideal body. We cannot wait to watch her continue this healthy journey!

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