‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Brianna’s Romance With Jayden Takes A Surprising Turn

Most of the 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' stars were left asking themselves, 'Where do we go from here?', following the Feb. 18 episode, which was full of big life changes.

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Nearly every Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star’s romance ended during the Feb. 18 episode, and while some splits could have been predicted, others came out of nowhere and left us completely stunned. For starters, Kayla and Luke seem to be on the rocks already just a few weeks after moving to Iowa together. During this week’s episode, she became extremely frustrated after he went about his normal life — attending college classes and hanging out with his friends — while she stayed at home and took care of their two children. She told her friend that she felt homesick, so when Luke came home, she shared her feelings and said she may end up moving back home. He begged Kayla to give it more of a shot before “making such a drastic decision”, but she seems pretty set on moving back home.

Meanwhile, Brianna‘s romance also took a turn for the worst. And by worst, we mean she’s now single again. Brianna had noticed that Jayden was still talking to his ex, whom he broke up with just two weeks before he started dating Brianna, so that worried her. And when she shared her concerns with Jayden, Jayden dismissed them and said he did nothing wrong for her to even feel that way. He also felt it was perfectly normal to talk to his ex, but she disagreed. So because they couldn’t get over that hurdle, Jayden dumped Brianna.

Later, Kiaya tried to change Teazha’s mind about wanting to fix their relationship, but Teazha had already checked out of their romance. Sadly, Kiaya wouldn’t initially accept that, and she begged Teazha — through tears — to give them another shot. But in the end, Teazha refused to budge, so Kiaya walked away crying her eyes out.

Finally, Ashley took Holly to Los Angeles after Bar refused to watch her, and Rachel’s ex, Drew, came back into the picture. But it was too little and too late for Rachel, so she told him that he couldn’t be in their baby’s life until he started supporting the baby financially and actually acting like a father. Oh, and Rachel also got mad because Drew is now dating her best friend.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant air Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV. Plus, an all-new season of Teen Mom OG premieres on March 17.

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